By Sarah - 26/03/2012 11:14 - United States

Today, I belched. In the middle of my wedding vows. FML
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Yeah. She burped because her fiancé is ugly. That makes sense.


nice timing! lol “baby I'm yours foreverrrrrrrr“

It's not really all that hard to take five and pretend that you're coughing or something if one is in a situation such as this.

#1- no one here is commenting on the "nervous" part of his comment. We're talking about the "ugly" part. #2- he referred to belching as vomiting, not burping. So in this case it would be nervous=vomiting, but that's not the FML, And thirdly, this is what you call a "heated debate"? Really?

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74- just stfu and re-read the fml again... Gosh... A lot of morons commenting on here lately... Good lord

Yeah man, back in the good ol' days, we just broke out into a brawl, kids these days and their "words"

Just calm down, 74 was a reply to 73 under comment 2.

At least it didn't come from her *other* end.

Nervous? Or did you realize he's actually ugly?

Yeah. She burped because her fiancé is ugly. That makes sense.

Pretty sure here in Australia it's also sometimes referred to as puking...

Shallow much?! Yeesh, people these days!

12- OP is from the US, not Australia. Take that into consideration.

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Remember kids: Never drink carbonated drinks before the wedding.

****, that wasn't meant to be a reply. Move along folks, nothing to see here. *Sends in demolition team to blow up comment.

Marinus, sorry but I'm from australia and as far as I know belch has always and only ever meant burped.

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^...what? He didn't say anything to suggest he's a criminal? That's just rude.

Rofl @ hypocrites. They're ugly themselves but they still call other people ugly..

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12- Even if that were so, it's normal for the groom or bride to feel sick at their wedding or the time leading up to their wedding.

Ok maybe by a far stretch I can see what happy #2 meant nervous = gassy situation? Aussies by they're past started out with England shipping off their criminals to their island as punishment for whatever they did. Personally I think getting heated over a debate about an FML speaks volumes on the maturity level seriously I get you don't relate but let's have peace.

73, and we also had a lot of migrants just like the US but I don't see how the origin of Australia relates to the comments above?

Someone said don't mind him, his ancestors are criminals. So they were clearing up where that came from.

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73, I see this enough on here: I do not go on fml to have people say useless and obvious crap that everyone either already knows or could figure out within a minute. If your gonna leave a comment, don't make it so douchy next time

Do you ****** take ******. Yes I dooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Hi honey. Ready for that kiss?

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#4 profile picture is best I've seen so far

Ahh I tried to thumb you down but I thumbed you up.

I thumbed all three of you down successfully. The comments on this FML are really struggling.

My only regret is that I have but one thumbs-down to give...

Hurrrrr Confederate flag is good picture.

What were you even shooting for with this comment? and I don't understand how any of this would be like burping

you do realize it is highly unlikely for the south to secede?

xeldawyn 14

That confederate flag has nothing to do with us seceding from the USA. It is merely a reminder of our heritage. Most Southern people are not racist nor do we want to secede. Sure, there are the random, real hicks out there who stand for what YOU think the flag represents, but they are few and far between. Times and symbols change.

It's ignorant to say that the Confederate flag has nothing to do with secession (or by extension, the Civil War). It certainly does, even if you would choose to post it for a different reason.

Confederate Flag = Shit Sorry... Haha not really screw you guys -.-

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What the **** is wrong with your eyes?

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^rude. I see nothing wrong with her eyes.

Embarrassing, but everyone burps. Hopefully you laughed it off.

RedPillSucks 31

Things could have been worse. 1. Could have been during the kiss. 2. Could have been a fart/queef instead of a burp

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Good call... Be glad it was only a burp op, and not something that would clear out a wedding ceremony... It's better out the mouth then out the ass :D

least it's coming out the attic not the basement

I understood the shrek reference. Thumbs up for that

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