My new house

By Anonymous - 22/01/2013 08:27 - New Zealand - Wainuiomata

Today, I bought my first house, blowing nearly all my savings on the deposit. I had left myself enough for just a couple of necessary bits of furniture. It turns out the previous owner completely stripped the house when he left, taking the oven and even the toilet with him, amongst other things. FML
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I hope you have enough money to buy a shovel, because you might have to shit in a hole for a while


It was obviously looked at while the previous owner still lived there. Fyl, that's awful.

How did you not discuss that information prior to buying it?


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Well, when I go to buy a house, I'm sure as hell going to ask now. I don't care if it makes me look weird! What an awful predicament!

nightowl713 25

When we bought our home, the previous owner did the same thing. We called the realtor we bought the house through and complained. The owner had a legal obligation to bring back the things he took and reinstall them himself. I don't if that will work for you, but it's worth a try!

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Yeah they need to inform you if they're going to do that and have it written in the contract. If its not written in the contract and they did so that is illegal. But congrats on your new home and sorry that happened to you.

Sue. That is a blatant violation of your contract. Not likely that the owner taking the toilet was in your agreement. You bought a foreclosure didn't you?

Geometric 18

If you were from the US I'd say sue 'em, but since you're a Kiwi, my recommendation is call Fair Go and get this guy shamed on national television :)

You know you can sue in NZ right? It's only personal injury you can't sure for because that's covered by ACC.

I hope you have enough money to buy a shovel, because you might have to shit in a hole for a while

Or batter the previous owner to death with, and bury the body in the woods. Use the toilet as a tombstone.

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Because most prospective home buyers are not written into the sellers will.

54: What?...I don't even-....HUH?! Dafuq are you on about?!

but he left you the hole it belongs to right? or did he patch that up? xD

Only problem with that is OP would still have no toilet.

And that's why you NEVER buy something with barely any money left in the end.

sadly, people buy things all the time that cost more than their savings so they spend more money than they even have, and do it so much that it builds up a bubble and it eventually pops. its a long story of what happens after that, but in short, everyone gets ******. except bank ceo's...apparently they get raises

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But you can get a loan can't you?

That sucks. Congrats on the house though! Now in a few years...oh can blow all your savings on house accessories.

And you want us to feel bad for you why?

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Man that sucks.. Trade a table for a toilet, you won't need the table yet

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Barter system! Shit's comin back.

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Yep the shitter is definitely a priority! LOL

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Yeah, but usually the house is occupied when they do look, so everything would have been there when they went to look. That sucks OP, FYL.

redrose_rocker 12

But it's in the mortgage what is and what is not included when you purchase the house.. Op should have read the mortgage thoroughly and if the seller did not include what they were supposed to op can do something about it. That's how it was with my realtor anyway.

Seriously, amongst the missing microwave you also signed away your first child and the virginity of you anus.

WonkeyDonkey 10

Obviously the previous owner was deceptive. OP would of been interested in the house and asked to view the house. On inspection there would of been a toilet and stove because if the bare basics are missing, any normal person would of run for the hills.

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133- what does "would of" mean? It doesn't make no damn sense! Would've, or would have, is correct. Thank you for your time.

146- if you're going to correct anyone's grammar, it should be your own. It really doesn't make ANY damn sense.

that's why you need to make sure your contract states what's going to be left in the house. Or that the house is "as is" so if the previous owner tries to pull something like that.

I would suggest you get a toilet first, then the oven. Toilets are important. Unless you you want to be digging holes in your back yard.