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Today, I read a seemingly serious article online about giving your smartphone some extra charge by putting it in the microwave for one minute. My phone is now fried. FML
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You should put your brain in there to see if you can charge it


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...and at this moment, thousands of facepalms went off simultaneously all across Internet-Land.

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Agreed! Do you realize how hot a full minute in the microwave makes food? What the hell did you think it would do to your electronics?!

It's not that the microwave heats on it's own. It took the water molecules and heated them, which means they would've entered every nook and cranny in the phone. It's fried and well watered, a major double whammy.

I wonder how many people tried it after reading this FML: *Reads FML about someone's phone getting fried in the microwave, decides to try it anyways* "DAMMIT, my phone is ruined, STUPID MICROWAVE!"

I can't explain the level of stupidity in this.

My friend and I came up with a name for that. We call it "epitity." The term came about when we noticed that a lot of really ignorant people seemed to have the same look on their face, and we decided that was the epitome of stupidity look. The term then involved, and alcohol may have been involved, into "epitity." I have an image in my mind of what this person looks like. Drool and all. Not just a tool, but an entire shed.

yeh #99 I don't think we'll see that one in a dictionary any time soon...

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Sure we will 132. The dictionary will be pretty urban though...

epitity makes me think epic *******. idk why. just figured id mention it.

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I won't say I wasn't contemplating it...

Lol, like he is going to understand what epitome means.

I apologize for the brains you don't have

Let's be honest... If OP put their phone in a microwave, he/she doesn't know what "epitome" means...

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You went full retard......never go full retard

You realize this is fake right? How the hell would he be able to post if his phone is fried?

Wait nevermind. Forgot that there was an online website. *facepalm

T_T you. Put. A phone. In. The. MICROWAVE? Yeah, only a TWO YEAR OLD would do that.

I cannot understand why OP didn’t google it. After starting typing a few letters Google comes up with terms like “phone charging microwave” and the search results are clear from the beginning.

Well, you know what they say: we learn something new everyday. And thanks to FML we can learn from other's mistakes.

it's not the heat that damages the electronics. put a fork in the microwave and see what happens. the metal collects energy from the microwaves being emitted. the energy is converted to electric potential at a high rate, resulting in sparks forming that ark from one conductive material to another. this in fact damages the phone. it basically creates electrical shorts all throughout the phone, causing electrical circuits to be damage. the microwave will not get hot enough to damage the phone from heat alone. trust me, I'm an engineer.

Oh hey there op, I'm currently selling off large parcels of oceanfront property in Las Vegas. I'm only looking for a few investors and selling for less than half the market value due to some poor decisions. Please wire me $10k so I know you're serious and that land will be yours. Yours truely Herp Derp

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#1 your comment has to be the most successful comment that FML has ever seen

Really... ...I'm far from being judgemental but I can't press YDI here often enough...

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And I have several bridges for sale in Kansas.

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@22 I'm thinking of how the earth shifted on it's axis as thousands of people hit their foreheads at the same time.

@341 - It's arc, not ark. Trust me, I'm an engineer, not a biblical ship builder.

It's basically like a mini EMP to electronics, Trust me I'm an electrician.

I don't think you're supposed to turn the microwave on..

@414. yeah, I would love to say that was autocorrect that messed up arc and ark, but u am pretty sure I derped that word all up. feel like an idiot now. I was trying to give a dumb down version of what was going in. I doubt most people would follow a discussion on electrons at the nano-scale. in all actuallity, the microwave acts as an absorber of emp energy, since it is eventually a faraway cage. so in case of a nuclear blast, throw your electronics in the microwave (without turning it on). your electronics will be safe. (assuming the blast yields waves that are less than 1 inch in wavelength)

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#341: 'Trust me, I'm an engineer'.. Awfully ironic. ;-)

it has the biggest number I've ever seen.

#457. Faraday cage, methinks? Gotta love autocorrect.

How a two year old would manage to operate a microwave properly is beyond me. Who the hell allows a two year old to operate a microwave anyway?

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I was just looking around on this app. I've not found another fml who has 100,000 votes......

eyepuppy- A fork creates sparks because of the spines. A spoon won't (or will so much less) because it is a smoother surface. A microwave moves charge around in conductive materials creating large electric fields which are the largest when the topology has large curvature (the points of a fork) and can be large enough to surpass the electric breakdown of air. This can still happen for, say, a spoon, but it is less likely. None of this has anything to do with a phone which is entirely about thermal processes.

You should put your brain in there to see if you can charge it

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Don't tell him that! Or at least put, "I am not liable for any serious injuries, or death, of any persons attempting this", or you might be held accountable for his dumbass getting his brain fried.

#2 he probably already did that's why he was dumb enough to believe an article that involves putting an electronic in a microwave!

I think it's already fried, I'd be more worried about causing damage to the microwave lol.

36 - Now you got me all scared. I have no idea how someone can put their head in a microwave but if you do accomplish this difficult task then remember, I'm not responsible for any results that may come from it.

lol... Good luck explaining this one to your phone company.

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Insurance only covers defects caused by the phone. Not some failed attempt from charging it in the microwave.

To #271: Some insurance covers defects but also any accidents. Accidents meaning dropping the phone losing it, or having it stolen. I don't think putting it in a microwave to charge it falls under the accident category.

One does not simply microwave an item or article they do not possess.

Thank you Nixon! Clearly making students take physics in high school is working

It was a "serious"article! Who wouldn't believe it?

I read it on the internet... must be true.

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This is why you always double check what you read on the Internet with more than one source.

Well it was on 9gag AND 4chan, those are reliable sources right?

82 - I would upvote your comment to +200 if I could.

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Gee the internetz said I could live longer by microwaving myself for a minute because everything the Internet says is true!

"They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true."

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#3, OP didn't think, if he/she did, the smartphone would still be alive. RIP, smartphone. May God have a mercy on his soul, he was a good phone, but he's in a better place now.

You think someone would do that? Just go on the Internet and tell lies?

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Reddit is more reliable because I said so.

According to the type of article she was reading, yes.

Well, the watermelon phone charger worked, didn't it?

This reminds me if a sad story of a lady that put her cat in a microwave to dry it off, then sued the microwave company for killing her cat.

sorry op, didn't think someone was stupid enough to believe my article.

music have been a "serious"ly stupid article

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Was it the Onion? Because those are fake just fyi

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#140, to add: unfortunately, she won the case and now most (if not all) manufacturers mention in the manual not to put animals into the microdrive oven. She didn't get charged with animal cruelty...

That just made me feel even worse about the people in our world. :(

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Op flip the phone and try again. I'm pretty sure it'll work this time

lol #185 i tried it and flipping the phone worked! lol

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#203 luvy: Don't do that. OPs read the comments on their FMLS. That's like kicking a baby

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Where could you have possibly read something like that?

It couldn't have been the Internet. They can't put anything on the Internet that isn't true. Come on now, it's common sense.

You mean if it's on Facebook it's not 'true'??? Shit, I lived my life by that thing... ;0)

the onion is a satirical Austin Texas newspaper

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Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram? People have been posting links to that nonsense for awhile now. I wonder how many other people fried they're phone.

It's a prank that's been spreading through the internet to see how many people they can get to microwave their phones. It's got nothing to do with The Onion. Apparently, it worked on at least one person.

A bunch of trolls on came up with the idea and created a realistic, official-looking picture advertising "Wave", the new iOS 8 technology where you can charge your phone in the microwave. They then spread it on Twitter, and sadly, some idiots tried it.

What could the article have possibly said to make you think putting a highly metallic object in the microwave would give it a better charge?!?! YDI

Op you didn't microwave it long enough. You have to do a full 30 minutes not 1. Cmon everyone knows that.

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I'm sorry, but YDI for believing that crap.

I read that too, and I always wondered but never did it. Glad to read it here first :)

If you spell fish out loud really slowly it sounds like gullible

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Ydi, for being that stupid. You really should have the common sense to know its not a serious article. I guarantee if you read your phones manual/guide it would say dont microwave it.

I doubt the manual would even address microwaving the phone.. The company who makes the phone would probably safely assume that no normal person would microwave their phone! But apparently not in this case..

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A quick check of the Samsung users manual shows that in the small print at the end it does indeed inform you not to place your phone "on or in any microwave, convection or conventional oven". Apparently this idiocy was, in fact, anticipated.

Of course it would! There's instructions and warnings on everything! If they have to put "caution, hot!" On coffee and other HOT beverages, of course they need to put that on cell phones...

That "hot" warning label stuff became a big deal when one lady got 3rd degree burns on 16% of her body in 1992. People expect coffee to be hot, sure, just not 190 degrees

#83: This makes me weep for humanity's obviously doomed future.

189, yeah I saw that documentary on that. They said in the court case that the coffee was the same temp as the inside of your radiator after a 3 hour drive.