Salt meet wound

By max5 - 08/09/2012 18:19 - France - Casseneuil

Today, my ex-girlfriend sent me an email. I was excited that she wanted to make amends for cheating on me before I dumped her. No, the email had a photo of her making out with the guy she cheated on me with, and the caption, "What you wish you still had". FML
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habibiiiiiii 2

Yeah and it makes me wonder how he was even with her in the first place. She sounds selfish and immature.

Its ironic cause no one who is actually sane would want to date that slutty b*tch...

I'm off the subject here but your username made me curious about your nationality : D care to satisfy my curiosity?

there are many two-faced people out there 17 :( OP had no idea probably L

persianjr1 7

Why would you want to make amends with someone who cheated on you?? Forget her.

That tells Op how slutty she is an how dumb her new bf is for not realizing it.

LiesAndMischief 4

I'm just confused as to why some morons seem to think that their ex should still want them after they've been caught cheating. I will never understand the mind of the common douche bag.

98- I think you've got it wrong. The gf cheated, not OP. OP is stupid for wanting her to try to make amends with him but how is he a douchebag (from what we know in this FML)?

135-no, you are wrong. He is saying how stupid OP's ex is for thinking he still wished he had her after she cheated. They understood it perfectly.

99- you have no excuse for copying a comment already on this thread. There was a large time gap so you are probably just to lazy to even see that the same exact comment had already been posted over an hour before yours by someone else.

VaultDweller106 7

She was already immature before this because she can't handle being loyal in a relationship. OP I'd tell her "I'm not gay and I don't date ****** so no, not what I wish I had. Plus, mom always told me to give my old toys away to the less fortunate"

23: #2 is pretty enough that she can make all the duckfaces she wants.

submit the photo on reddit and lable it "*****".

SeniorHaG 4

Oh God, 4chan is the best choice, LOL.

PYLrulz 17

4chan might be the Mos Eisley of the Internet (a hive of scum and villainy), but I like that idea.


Before you put it on the Internet, photoshop the picture so that it looks like she's making out with another girl.

Maybe he should do all of the above, that bitch needs to learn respect!

21 - I don't know how much you know about 4chan, but I can tell you that the general population of users on there is too lazy, spineless, and apathetic to prank call some chick they don't know or even care about.

Krajjan 9

92 - Have you seen the apocalypse that exists in some of the seedier parts? I guarantee you someone from that one board I can't talk about will take up the battle.

lmao don't forget when they tried to name Mountain Dew's new soda

LOL, what a pathetic childish loser your ex is. At least you know you took the right decision to dump her. Ignore it, it is the best you can do since she is just hoping to get a reaction from you. If she was happy with her new guy, she wouldn't bother contacting you. Block her email to avoid further insulting messages and move on. She sounds like a waste of space that needs to get over herself.

Inediblepeaches 15

Why are people thumbing down 57? That seems like it'd make the whole situation a billion times funnier.

Take a pic of you and another woman banging and caption it "what your fat ass isn't good enough for."

NzaHaFML 13

I don't think that makes him any better than his ex-gf.

Sometimes a little sweet revenge is what you need though, gotta drop your own standards and morals from time to time.

OP should reply back "Well, at least someone still wants you." Don't let her know you still care about her or she'll just keep tormenting you as long as it amuses her twisted little mind.

60- But that put them on a level playing ground

noelykins1 19

Besides her sending that pic after her cheating, makes me assume that the girl is not over OP. She might feel that continuing to fool around and tell OP about it, might mean that her initial reaction was for OP to dump her, but for him to just call her out and eventually her dump him. Seems legit.

jackii1313 9

Obviously she's not worth it! You can do better OP!

momolee 4

Reply that it looks like he's enjoying my leftovers. Been there done that . Nothing to miss.

off_constantly 8

She was definitely worthless OP. Now if she thought that was cute, you should post up the pic she sent you to expose her as the ***** she really is.

one11oh 2

You should shouldve photoshopped the guy she cheated on u with and another girl and sent it.

off_constantly 8

That sounds like a very clever idea...

SenselessPattern 12

73# Agreed, she obviously still wants the D. That, or being dumped by OP has caused her world to spiral out of control because she isn't as perfect and invincible as she thought. Either way, OP should actually be glad she sent that, because it shows she has some serious issues to worry about, and he doesn't have to deal with them.

eyecon502 13

Find someone hotter and send her a video of you two having sex with the caption "if you were even half as good...", or something like that...i'm not feeling too creative.

Allie_RL 0

Make the video and send it saying bitch please. That's a great idea

3pi 6

U weren't feeling creative and u came up with that? Wonder what u come up with when ur feeling creative!:p

Until we find out they're both underage and could be arrested and then realize that even if they were legal it would still be a moronic, childish, immature, and just plain stupid thing to do. Nice try though. He'd be better off ignoring her.

3pi 6

103- couldn't agree more, obviously she still has feelings for him and him ignoring her is the best way to keep her wondering!

Like that Justin timberlake music video lol