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Today, my little sister was using my phone to play games. About an hour later, she came to me and said my phone wouldn't work. Turns out my phone had gotten hot and she put it in water to cool it down. FML
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Translation: I hope you had insurance.

PerditaDessa 38

If they're young enough to have such thought processes, supervision is key.


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Translation: I hope you had insurance.

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My phone sustained heavy water damage with my lifeproof case. It fucked over my battery, and my phone was inoperable for 5 days. Fuck off. They just take money. worked after 5 days though. Just get a waterproof phone, or a phone that is easy to take apart to dry it. iPhones are neither of these.

Take it apart and put it in uncooked rice! It'll suck the water out of it and hopefully work afterwards. :)

Actually, the rice attracts Asians who then fix your electronics while you sleep :-)

#15 I've actually found iPhones don't need to be taken apart to be dried. Though to be honest it's not particularly difficult, you just unscrew the back. I dropped my iPhone 4 in the bath when it was 2 weeks old, couple of days in the airing cupboard and it was fine. My sister somehow dropped hers in the washing up bowl (why she was using it whilst washing up i'll never know) and it was fine, and my best friend fell in a stream with hers in her pocket, she left it in rice and it was fine. They key is not to try to use it after it's gotten we because that can short out the battery, give it a few days to dry and more often than not it will be fine.

Well can't blame's the thought that counts

Oh I think OP can definitely blame her.

PerditaDessa 38

If they're young enough to have such thought processes, supervision is key.

And somehow children have cell phones.

some are mature enough to handle a phone without destroying it. its more of an emergency calling/GPS (for parents to find them) device though...

But then they don't need a brand new iPhone or a tablet, get them a waterproof flip phone, it's more than they need

No where in the OP did it say anything about his little sister owning the phone. It said it was his phone and she borrowed it.

Nowhere in the comments did anyone say that OP's little sister owned the phone either.

mattmsk005 8

We don't know the age or the child, she is probably 5 or 6. I don't think children in kindergarten have phones.

Wondering just how "little" the sister is

My now 6 year old nephew has never done anything like this with any piece of tech, and he's been using my old iPad since he was 3.

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How is that even relevant?

The FML from the other day with the little sister who randomly kicked her older brother in the crotch. Comparison.

Your sister is stupid, she should have put it in the freezer

I hope it wasn't an iPhone...those things are expensive.

For some reason. I swear, the only reason people buy iPhones is because everyone else has one.

It costs so much though, it must be awesome!

iTunes. That's the only reason I have an iPhone and iPad.

#23 That seems like a pretty stupid reason to spend so much money on an iPhone by itself, let alone an iPad, too.

#24 It's not a stupid reason. I had an iPod and I loved the way iTunes worked. I brought an android because I couldn't afford an iPhone. Hated it, barely had any music on it because it was just a lot of effort to get music onto it. I then manager to get an iPhone and it has been heaven. Not too long ago they introduced iTunes Radio and it's been my wonderland, yes there are radio apps, but I don't really like listening to usual radio stations, much prefer the way iTunes Radio works.

I doubt that's why. People usually want what others do not have just to be different. I prefer my iPhone while my BF has an Android. I find my phone is easier to use and has better apps that are specifically designed for iPhones. His phone heats up quickly and drains his battery fast but he likes the giant screen. You like whatever suits your needs.

#26, i used to have an ipod touch. i now have an android and i would never go back. in my experience, putting music on the ipod rook longer. you had to wait so long for it to sinc. my android is just click and drag and it's there. ipod are too expensove and no where near as user friendly as an android.

26, what kind of phone did you have? I have an Android, and getting music on my phone is literally the exact same process that I had with Apple products...

I have hundreds of songs on my android and it took no time at all to get. I had and iphone and after 8 months i couldnlt even figure out how to work anything.

I've had an iPhone for over two years now, and love it so much I got one for my Girlfriend. I've had both Android and iPhone. The iPhone I would never give up. No, the massive price is not in a bit attractive. I love how personalized iPhones are with all your accounts, contacts, and everything in sync.

#26, not sure how you tried syncing your music to your Android, but android OS allows you to drag and drop, sync or bluetooth music without having any additional softwares and 2 times faster than iTunes.. Where to sync music to Apple products you have to have iTunes or else you're screwed..

I have an iPhone because I prefer it to android, and I wanted a smartphone. I've never had a problem with my iPhone! but my android would shut off for no reason, died quickly, froze all the time, wouldn't play music, and wouldn't connect to my computer. I couldn't stand it. I had it for 3 years, and after the first, I just stopped using it. Would've bought a new phone, but I didn't have the money.

Well you can't blame it on the "Android OS" stability of the phone depends on the manufacturer.. You really can't compare a premium 600-800$ iPhone with a android for less than 100$, manufacturers put up those phones just to grab some money .. Where apple phones are taken good care of or else people wouldn't buy it for a price like that.. But if you buy a good flagship premium android phone from a popular company like htc or Samsung you'll see the difference between IOS and Android , performance wise and everything else..

I'm 109% sure it's not a Nokia.