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Today, as I was texting a friend, I was going to warm up some cold pizza. As I got finished with a text I put the pizza in the microwave and set the timer. After the timer ran out, I opened the door and smelled burnt plastic. Turns out phones aren't meant to be in the microwave. FML
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haha i do that stuff all the time. i once was eating a cookie and listening to my ipod and i put the ipod in my mouth. ha.


how do you even screw that up?! i thnk you would realize before you set the timer when the pizza was in your hand.

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Did you try texting with the pizza too?

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this is bullshit, your phone's metal it wouldve created lightning and you wouldve heard it. BS BS BS.

#124 is absolutely right, if you ACTUALLY put your phone which has metal in it, it would have at least made a loud popping sound or 20 and break your microwave, my little brother did this with my phone since i pissed him off one day :( he couldn't stop laughing for a week

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guess my microwave doesn't work... (get it? xD)

is it een possinble to put a pizza in the microwave? dont you mean oven? :o

168 yes it's possible to heat up pizza in the microwave

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LMAO! I've put my phone in the fridge but I've never done the microwave thing.

How do u put it in the fridge? I have never done that sort of thing, but I could see how it is possible

LOL Pikachu, I choose die in my microwave. XD

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I've put my phone in the fridge too. took forever to find cause it was on vibrate.

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I got out of the car and my phone was on top of my leftover box from the restaurant. So, I put away my leftovers like usual and then realized about half an hour later that I couldn't find my phone. Haha! Took a LONG time to find it. I blame being pregnant, my brain cells weren't working correctly.

My phone has probably been in the fridge too just because I set it down whenever I'm doing something that requires two hands rather than pocketing it. The fridge has nice flat shelves, seems like a fine place to put something down.

Its most possible, I haven't done it but I've almost. You are stacking stuff back in and you accidently leave your phone on one of the boxes you were putting in and you just forget about it.

haha i do that stuff all the time. i once was eating a cookie and listening to my ipod and i put the ipod in my mouth. ha.

That's a good one! One time I was putting away groceries and put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge. Luckily my bf caught it before the milk was out too long. I didn't hear the end of that for a long time.

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phone's are ment for pockets, not microwaves :)

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apostrophes are for possessives and contractions, not plurals.

i wish i could come up with something as witty as the apostrophe guy... but i really have to say its spelt M E A N T with an A not "ment" "ment" isnt even a ******* word. you ******* pathetic illiterate retard.

Just because a person misspells a couple of words, it doesn't mean they're a "******* pathetic illiterate retard." By the way, you missed the apostrophe in "isn't", dumbass.

If you're going to criticize someone's spelling and grammar, it's worth taking the extra few seconds to use them correctly yourself.

i criticized the spelling. not the grammar. prick. go **** a dictionary.

How about this then - if you're going to correct their English, use correct English yourself. Yes, spelling and grammar are the same thing, but you look like a moron if you make a mistake in one while correcting the other.

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Well it depends on the type of plastic, some melt quickly, but the plastic used for phones are designed to withstand high heats, and they are made of a much higher melting point plastic :) But thanks for challenging me, appreciate it.

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Microwaves actually work by exciting conductive materials...such as water, or the metal in the phone. It would get hot, and then melt the plastic and burn anything else in the phone.

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I just lol'd so hard at this string of replies. xD

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My penis hurts really bad now! I don't know about you, but that was a terrible idea!

Yes, and "spelt" isn't a ******* word either. Oh, the humanity!

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In fact those words don't correlate to having sex at all. Oh the wordplay!

spelt is a word so STFU it means a hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe for livestock feed

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Code MENT. Watch it. It's hilarious.

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I just feel like the phone would have done a lot more than just melt

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I'm pretty sure this is a commercial. I'm not sure what it's for, but the dude puts his laptop in the microwave instead of a frozen dinner. I refuse to believe that people's lives are so good that we have to resort to putting fake FMLs on this site.

Yeah, but if they were only warming up the cold pizza, chances are it'd only have been in a minute or two cus that's all it takes. I'm guessing it'd take a lot longer for it to explode x_x I've accidentally left a fork on my plate reheating stuff before, and I know that damages the microwave...but I don't think I'd be so dumb as to put my phone in there. I'm guessing you weren't too fussed about getting a reply from your friend otherwise you'd have noticed :3

;_; That scared the shit out of me. Niiiggghhhttmarres.

lol try putting tin foil in the microwave.. its like a lightning storm!

He didn't say the phone melted, he said he smelled burnt plastic.

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#1 took the words out of by mouth, dumb ass