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Today, I showed up at my brother's house for a visit. Little did I know, there was a family gathering. My best friend was invited and I wasn't. She's "more fun and less awkward" than I am. FML
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Maybe you can go to your best friend's family gatherings?


ineedalogin 19

Maybe you can go to your best friend's family gatherings?

caohm 18

your true family are the people who meet you and always enjoy your company. this is a hard truth to understand when you discover they may not be blood related.

I always thought family was about loving and respecting one anothers differences. You are unique OP, don't let this bring you down!:)

you should probably get a new best friend. better yet, get a new family.

The friend probably assumed OP was invited.

true. I guess there is not enough information to say for sure.

This is one of those FML's I'd really like a follow up on!

But OP should definitely get a new family.

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Maybe that's the "more fun" part about the best friend, and that it's not incest is "less awkward." I love euphemisms!

More fun and less ackward? So are you a sad clown or is your family just harsh and can't they accept you the way you are? Shame on them!! Good luck, life will smile at you when you live your life for yourself OP!

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Friends are the family you pick anyways I agree with # 2 go where you're appreciated

I bet the fact that you showed up there was pretty awkward..sooo looks like they didn't dodge that bullet.