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Today, I went to Sunday school for the first time. The priest assured us we could ask him anything, so I did. When class ended the priest pulled me and my mom aside and asked her to stop bringing me to Sunday school until "she learns not to question the bible and accept what she is told". FML
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The problem with religion in a nutshell. At least with science it's acknowledged that information could be proven wrong at a later date instead of saying "the is the answer for now and forever, and if you question it you are a bad person."


For most churches this is correct. But I guess my church is weird and respects everyone's belief and are actually chill.

actually most churches accept other religions like catholics and christians accept all religions. this guy is probably just one of the special cases

The problem with religion in a nutshell. At least with science it's acknowledged that information could be proven wrong at a later date instead of saying "the is the answer for now and forever, and if you question it you are a bad person."

That's how it is supposed to be for science. But unfortunately it is not. Just try offering a view/theory/possibility that is not popular and see how people come after you. Funnily most of those torch bearers can't even spell science. But think they know science better than Einstein...

They won't ignore it if the theory you have has significant evidence to back it up. This is why flat earth conspiracies are mocked too

I understand that some people have bad experiences like this, but as a person with a religious background, I can assure you that it's not a universal attitude, and it's certainly not encouraged. Someone who understands the Bible will know that blind faith is not what is required of us. In fact, we are instructed to have a solid understanding of why we believe what we do, so that when people ask questions, we'll be able to answer them instead of trying to shush them (I Peter 3:15). That being said, if your experience has been otherwise, I'm sorry. It must be very frustrating to have your honest search for answers met with fear and opposition.

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That's not necessarily true. I'm a devout Christian and I question the bible a lot and thats ok. It's not so much a religion problem as it's a this guys a dick problem

Hmm, and I thought priests were supposed to be all-inclusive and accepting of everyone. I guess that only applies as long as you don't use your brain.

Which is why I'm Christian, not Catholic. You're highly encouraged to think for yourself before just blindly believing.

priests are people too. some can be super nice while others can be total dicks.

Does the priest know what "anything" means?

Ask him to shove his beliefs up his ass then for being a hypocrite

Not that it actually matters, but the new FML keeps messing up the genders assigned to the posts. Therefore, base it on the text in the individual FML where OP refers to themself as "she".

They could be transgender and the priest is transphobic

Catholics are the more extreme Christians. I would go to a non-denominational church. Then you can apply the one theory everyone should, when learning anything: "Take what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is essential to you." Bruce Lee said/wrote that. I read that back in high school and haven't ever had an issue with that philosophy.

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Hi, a catholic here. On behalf of my religion I would like to say that we are not the "more extreme" Christian sect, but rather that some people are strict and get cranky if you question the religion, usually closed-minded old people, or in some cases, some priests or other clerics of the church. I've been to catholic school all my life, now in 11th grade, and we've always been taught to ask questions and explore what makes us curious. We question the beliefs, then we get explained what we can, or we disbelieve, and not everyone will believe in everything the church says. That's okay, it's only human. I'd find a new parish if I were you and hope that that priest is less strict about stuff.

My main issue with Catholicism is pretty much everything you've pointed out. Strict close-minded people are the large percentage, where rules are as important as grace. Plus, never met a metalhead catholic.

You are though. Not saying all Catholics are bad, but Catholicism is more close minded and backwards than Protestantism. That being said all religion mostly still try to follow rules and beliefs meant for a society that disappeared thousands of years ago refusing to evolve so they can pretty much all be lumped into one. They all took parts from other religions and tailored their "facts" around them. Hence why there are so many similarities in religion. Christianity has a ridiculous amount of similarities to an older roman religion, including a Jesus character.

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And this is just one of the many reasons I don't believe in religion.

Okay I'm a Christian and that is utter bullshit.

Same and same. Ask me anything, OP. I'll do my best to answer or find the answer for you. You should never be turned away for asking questions. The Bible is confusing! I ask questions all the time!