By Anonymous - 04/08/2019 22:00

Today, my girlfriend threw boiling water at me to get me off my phone. It worked, but now I'm burned. FML
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Time to leave her. that's going to far.

BigSissy 14


BigSissy 14
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Which part of your body got burnt ?

Hope you pressed charges against the psycho bitch.

Time to leave her. that's going to far.

do it back at her, she wont do it again after that. beat psychos by beingba psycho yourself hahaha

ViviMage 38

Until you realize that's assault and she could report HIM?

uhm its already assualt on him. he fould oress charges and she could potentially locked up or got hit with a massive fine. Its already grievious bodily harm.

& the cops won’t care that she did it too

not sure what kind of world your living in but sounds like a very sexist one. if he were to press charges, the judge isnt going to say " mhmmm this girl was right to throw boiling water at you, you shoulda got off the phone first time she asked. girl you ok, you good? can i get you a glass a water or a stick to beat his cheating ass" yeah sounds funny and all but highly unlikely, judges HAVE TO be unbias towards any case that comes in and irregardless if cops care or not. its their job to process the claim, if they refuse to do so. then shit they have one hell of a case on their hands that they will most likely lose.

ViviMage 38

You're spelling ex and assault charges wrong! Get out of that relationship now!

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The Burning Man is in 15 days ...

ViviMage 38

I've been sprayed with near boiling water in a super soaker (a full boil would ruin the toy), all because someone didn't want me at a public park. Seriously, get out of that household long enough to get a restraining order.

@OJ /@OP, I hope you got out of that relationship. Yer partner wasn't good for you at all, hope ye are safe now with someone who truly wants you to be okay.