By thatchick3333 - 08/03/2012 07:13 - United States

Today, I got burned, all because the toaster scared me while I was holding a pot of boiling water. FML
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violetsweety 26

Feel the burn.

Toasters these days, they're scaring a lot of people!


Someone scares way too easy

Nahh, those could scare you a lot when you are distracted.

You should never be distracted in the kitchen, that's how you get hurt, which OP learned the hard way.

iamray 2

I am a cunt

This comment section confuses me...And 1 - I think you mean scared* (:

16 - thanks for you concern, but I did not mean scared.

osnapitzaris 0

no matter how prepared i am for the toaster to finish, i still manage to get scared when it finally does.

chrishaparker 0

LOOOOL , lesgoo .

One does not simply avoid being scared by the toaster :(

violetsweety 26

Feel the burn.

Oh wait nevermind, I thought you said "bum."

I like to feel bums.

Oh toaster you so scary. Can't wait for an animated version of this.

DDbaconcrazy 1


Toasters these days, they're scaring a lot of people!

My toaster scares me all the time! I feel your pain op.

Toasters scare a lot of people. See pulp fiction

saIty 17

Ejector strikes again!

It's happens to me.

Technically it's not a burn.

Yes it is a burn, boiling water can cause a 2nd degree BURN.

It's more likely to cause a SCALD.

Scald and burn are synonymous.

Yeah man, I boiled some water and was carting the pot to the counter and I dropped it. It'll burn the shit out of you.

Zaffro's retard logic : If a wound is not caused by fire, it cannot be called a burn.

Desired outcome achieved.

but you have buttered toast to look forward to

linkinpark69 7

Everybody loves buttered toast

Bitches love toast.

the toaster is a scary, scary thing.