By Anonymous - 03/11/2013 21:32 - Cyprus - Nicosia

Today, I played a friendly prank on my dad, loosening the legs of his chair so it would fall apart when he sat on it. He responded by making me stand outside and watch as he keyed both sides of my car, front to back, as punishment. FML
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CAR-ma, the greatest of all universal forces....


abbttmc 12

When an FML starts with "Today, I pulled a prank on...", it ends in a YDI 99% of the time, even if OP's dad went over the top in revenge..

How is falling from a chair going to kill you or make you pay a lot of money? Now OP has to pay a lot of money to repair his car. The dad should have done something that wouldn't cost money to repair.

Then again, OP does deserve it for just watching and not doing anything about it.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's what I was thinking, 25. I mean there's no way in ******* hell I'd try to pull a stunt like that on my dad, but, there's no way in hell I'd stand idle while he keyed my car either. OP, you're a fool.

"How is falling from a chair going to kill you or make you pay a lot of money?" Quite easily. Sending your full weight to the floor with nothing breaking your fall but the wood/metal/plastic of the chair that just gave out underneath you could easily result in a broken tailbone, an injured back, or a head injury (depending on how you fall and what's nearby). Keying the car is a bit much as revenge goes, but this FML could easily have been about the dad being in traction.

Yeah, OP definitely deserved it. I don't consider that a very friendly prank, to be honest. Depending on how old OPs father is, he possibly could've got hurt when falling..

Axel5238 29

Agreed, if you watch what passes for pranks on youtube a lot of them could've ended with a trip to the ER if something went wrong or horrible taste (making them think someone broke in ect).

I have a broken tailbone and I have had for years, all it does is make sitting hurt some times. OH NO WHATEVER SHALL I DO. For a prank that, at worst, would have resulted in an injury to a useless part of the body and a sore ass, doing hundreds of dollars of damage is not an ok response.

@96: I have a damaged tailbone too. In my opinion I don't like it one bit, and I can't afford to get it "fixed". It especially distracts me when I'm in lectures or on a plane. I feel that the possibility of doing physical harm to a human due to a prank, is by far worse than doing damage to a man made object, especially since that damage plays no role to the safety of the car.

So how is any if that killing someone?

Well the point is, unless the dad didn't get hurt from it, then the dad damaging the car was too much.

SuperMew 22

I don't think anyone believes the dad acted like a smart, sane adult. He should not have scratched up the car. However, Op has now learned a valuable lesson in not messing with people. People assume pranks are hilarious, but usually they end up causing damage to a person or ruining something important to them.

My dad sits in chairs and breaks them on his own. It's happened before and I'm sure it'll happen again.

If they didn't intend to hurt their father then it's not some horrendous prank. I've seen a child hide a thumbtack in playdough and convince another child to smack their hand on said playdough. That's bad. People fall out of chairs all the time, people pull chairs out of underneath their friends all the time, it's not some huge deal. I don't know about you but I had to fall down stairs to break my tailbone, and unless this gentleman is beyond his 60s, falling a foot from a sitting position is not likely to break his. More likely his wrist, to be honest. People on here have a tendency to over react.. it's ridiculous.

SuperMew 22

Jessuhh, it is never a good idea to just use one example. "I fell down and X happened" is fine, but implying that anyone under the age of 30 would be fine from such a fall does not actually work out like that in the real world. Myself, I broke my shoulder falling off the back of a bench. My sister broke a rib falling from a chair that someone pulled out from under her. The angle of her fall caused her to crack it pretty bad and then trying to get up, she fell again and broke it clean in two. I do not see why people think it is okay to pull a chair out from under someone. Hurting someone as a joke is not funny. Op didn't put salt in his coffee or glue a dollar to a table, which would be harmless pranks. He potentially injured his father. I do not think keying the car is fair, but neither is having someone hurt you because it is a "prank."

Don't worry #23. It's Cyprus so it's like 95% sure that OP lives at home, is unemployed & is living of mum and dads money. I'm sure the 'my car' part is a slight overstatement.

#150 Nailed it. Exactly what I wad thinking.

So you're saying OP's dad keyed his own car, costing him a bunch of money, to get revenge? OP should be laughing their butt off right now if that's the case...

michaelaranda 28

op started it though. and it doesn't seem that friendly to me. if an older guy sits in a chair that breaks, he could break a hip or femur. but op, ydi

I wish I could give you more than one thumbs down 105.

Keep digging, 117! We have to find it!

Ops prank didn't have the legs to go the distance. Unfortunately the pranks flaw was evident to his dad who had the key to topping his sons prank. The end result gave OP the silver metal while his dad smugly sat once again in his chair.

Awe C'mon!!! TD really??? :( It took me ages to think of how to word that. Let's see what you can up with then smartypants.

Awe C'mon!!! TD really??? :( It took me ages to think of how to word that. Let's see what you can up with then smartypants.

You kinda drove that joke into a ditch.

CAR-ma, the greatest of all universal forces....

I'm trying to figure out if this is worst or getting locked out of your house and your car is worst.

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≖_≖ I see what you did there

TheCaramelKing 11

No, he didn't just put the word "car" in caps or anything...

beautious19 8

Well, did you learn something?

cryssycakesx3 22

if you're going to use the worst, most overused meme out there, at least make sense. please.

It does make sense, she said did you learn something, and my response was just pointing out that he learned that playing pranks on his dad will escalate quickly.

Hesher 19

Chances are that if you have to explain why you make sense, you probably don't make sense.

Aside from the fact that his dad's a jerk with no sense of humor (even though the chair stunt was very dangerous)?

lol wow, your dad is way over the top, I bet you won't be doing that again ^_^

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Not sure how you've reasoned that a broken chair is comparable to a damaged car, but it must be nice debasing a whole generation off one person's comment. It's gonna take a few tools to fix that chair, but quite a pretty penny to get the car blemishes removed.

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That's what I'm gonna call the hospital from now on. The body shop.

cryssycakesx3 22

you can get a scratch remover kit from TV for $9.95 (+s&h)

I can understand a prank war, but keying a car takes it to a whole new level. I wouldn't have just stood by while my car gets defaced.

Keying the car is def a messed up move. OP's dad can't take a joke, and if he reacts that harsh to a simple prank, it makes me wonder how often OP was grounded for not coming back with an A from school.

There was a line in the book the godfather stating more or less that if you take each accident as a personal insult, you'll get a lot fewer accidents happening to you. Perhaps OP's dad loves by that logic. And maybe it works, because I'm fairly certain OP will never be stupid enough to prank his dad again.

DobiesJS2012 9

I don't see a problem with ops dad defacing his own car. Op most likely doesn't own the vehicle. Daddy's money and what not.

146- the thing about an assumption is it makes an ass out of u and the poor fella named "mption"

SuperMew 22

If the father owns the car, then why key it? It seems to me that Op might have helped pay for it, if not own all of it. It just doesn't seem logical to key a car you own to show your (bratty) son that pranks are not funny. Either way, keying the car was pretty extreme. However, Op has now learned a valuable lesson. His dad does not like pranks and maybe he needs to stop pulling them.

when someone takes a key an scratches the surface of the paint on a car

whats with all the dislikes? he only asked a simple question...

#49 , because some people on here are Hippocrates that might speak only one language. And there are a few, that are trilingual and sometimes is hard for us to know every single word or reference.

@49 I think it's also because they could have easily googled it.

Ok, thanks. Not good. Lol. How stupid am I. And btw IM A GIRL. Not a he. No offense sgtasscheeks. Btw I am bronie too

MzZombicidal 36

Hey, if they're Hippocrates, maybe they could have helped OP's dad if he had actually gotten hurt. ;P

DoctorBassDrop 9

Taking a key and scraping it along the side of something, making scratches.

@174 Maybe read the comments first. You would see it was already explained.

quite being such a Hippocrates Gracey

I understand that you brought this on yourself but I feel like what he did was just a bit extreme. Let the prank war begin.

I would agree with this, but I'd be a bit scared to start a prank war with someone who just keyed my car..

OP attacks by drawing on his dad's face with marker. Dad responds by drawing a gun on OP. Guess who wins this round.

This seems like justified grounds for an all-out prank war. Let the games begin!

Yes pulling more pranks on a guy who just keyed your car seems like a perfect idea.

Well see, the dad may very well have pulled the most extreme thing he can think of, which leaves him at a disadvantage if the son decided to counter-strike. War tactics... Who is bluffing?

I'm not sure I get what you're saying, but if OP did prank him again the dad could retaliate by doing something way too extreme again (like a car window or something)

He shouldn't have keyed your car, and you shouldn't have made his chair collapse, end of story