By Anonymous - Israel - Tel Aviv
Today, I introduced my kind and amazing Iranian boyfriend to my mother. When he went to use the rest room, she warned me to "knock it off with this Bin Laden fetish" or she'll have me put on psychiatric hold. FML
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By  WCARlover  |  34

Luckily it only really matters what you think OP. It's unfortunate your mom is so ignorant and judge mental but he sounds like a great guy and if you are happy with him that's what counts

  interesting33  |  36

Doesn't matter so much if her reasoning is that awful though and other people involved in the process have level heads. But if she then gives other reasons that would be harder.

By  djurmel89  |  30

Wow your mother is one ignorant person, OP. I'm really sorry about, you so not deserve this. I hope you told her to go to hell or something. This is not acceptable.

By  kivutar  |  6

Damn... I was almost in your position, but my fairly racist family ended up liking my lovely Persian guy. Don't lose hope! Maybe she'll come round when she gets to know him.