By Anonymous - 05/03/2016 06:58 - Israel - Tel Aviv

Today, I introduced my kind and amazing Iranian boyfriend to my mother. When he went to use the rest room, she warned me to "knock it off with this Bin Laden fetish" or she'll have me put on psychiatric hold. FML
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Shame on her for being a bigot.

Put her on psychiatric hold


Shame on her for being a bigot.

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If he's Iranian, eventually he'll want her to succumb to his ways.

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What would trump be doing in Israel?

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why y'all talkin about Israel? the bf is from Iran... Iranian = from Iran, Israeli = from Israel

oh nvm just realised OP is from Israel

He's actually a pretty chill guy.

I wish I could thumbs up this comment a million times

Wow I'm so sorry. It sounds like you're better off with him than your own mother which I imagine is very upsetting.

Put her on psychiatric hold

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to bad we can't do a double thumbs up....

Luckily it only really matters what you think OP. It's unfortunate your mom is so ignorant and judge mental but he sounds like a great guy and if you are happy with him that's what counts

Unless the mother is a psych doctor and actually tries to have her own kid committed. Then it matters a great deal with she thinks.

Doesn't matter so much if her reasoning is that awful though and other people involved in the process have level heads. But if she then gives other reasons that would be harder.

I thought moms were supposed to be supportive.... good luck op

Wow your mother is one ignorant person, OP. I'm really sorry about, you so not deserve this. I hope you told her to go to hell or something. This is not acceptable.

websphere69 27

isn't everyone entitled to their own opinion no matter how bigoted it may be? I don't agree with her mom but I do agree it sucks....

Sulphuric_Glue 16

#48 Everyone is entitled to their opinion but some opinions are, for want of a better phrase, ******* stupid

Brace yourselves, here comes the "xenophobic" and "Islamophobic" comments...

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I can see the comments being disabled on this one

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Damn... I was almost in your position, but my fairly racist family ended up liking my lovely Persian guy. Don't lose hope! Maybe she'll come round when she gets to know him.