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By TecheyTim - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - Latham

Today, a coworker and I pulled a April Fools' prank on our boss. She "borrowed" his keys and rolled down his window. I took a car window from a scrap yard and sprinkled it on the ground near his door. His response was to kick the nearest object in anger. The nearest object happened to be my car. FML
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That's an awesome prank...for anyone but your boss

it could have been worse... he could have busted one of your windows


That's an awesome prank...for anyone but your boss

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

just make sure your car isn't around next time..

I think OP got this idea from reddit earlier...

it could have been worse... he could have busted one of your windows

You could say your prank backFIRED.

Good pun, but being fired doesn't have to deal with this post. It was a prank.

It was a car pun. A car backfires, well, old ones do.

#16 all cars backfire. Unless it is an electric motor, it absolutely can backfire. Doesn't matter if it is 100 years old or just off the assembly line.

True, but older cars with worn down parts are more likely to backfire.

Sucks. Although he couldn't have it it that hard.

It's not that hard to leave a good dent from hitting it once.

yeah the new cars they sell these days are shit.. with their light bodies.. slightest impact can leave a dent.

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that's what you get for pulling a prank.

But that's literally the entire premise of April Fools. You're supposed to play pranks on people.

This is a ydi in my opinion. You don't play pranks on people unless you're prepared for the fallout & repercussions. And there's always repercussions.

There are risks to every prank but...what if the boss had kicked someone else's car? Kicking someone else's car in a fit of anger seems kind of irresponsible to me. The boss shouldn't have done it and if there are any major damages he should pay for the repairs. This is like people who get rear-ended and go in a road rage rampage and take a baseball bat to the other dudes car. Was it their fault for rear-ending you? Most likely. But does that mean you can go around smashing peoples stuff? No. I find the situation hilarious and ironic though. I didn't vote YDI because if his boss had been a mature/rational individual this prank should have been low-risk but....I laughed all the same! Pranks are funny, but sometimes a backfired prank is even funnier! :3

19990231 29

that's what you get for pulling a prank.

Really?!! You never pulled a prank on April 1st ?

I haven't. To avoid exactly this. Believe it or not, there are those of us who don't think that going out of our way to make someone's day miserable is worth a giggle.

Next time park your car as far as possible from the one you're pranking on.

The boss probably thought a burglar busted his window. That doesn't give him the right to kick the shit out of him employees' cars.

I know i just meant it as a joke...Because alot of men absolutely love their cars... What i meant was nothing good ever happens when you mess with a man's car