By GEE, THANKS DAD - 28/09/2012 22:21 - United States

Today, my dad forced me to take part in a pathetic act of revenge against our neighbors, who keep parking their 4x4 in front of our house. He made me stand watch while he kept trying to slash their tires. An hour later, we were waiting for my mom to bail us out of jail. FML
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He's just teaching you by showing you the wrong way.:)

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Wouldnt slashing their tires make it harder for them to move then just asking?

I'm assuming that they have asked. But the next action should have taking it to the nearest junk yard and getting paid or calling cops.

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I have the same problem :( I live in a coldesac and my neighbors always park their cars infront of the drive way, not in it. Therefor blocking 1/3 of the coldesac.

I'm curious if your city has any laws such as to prevent that can you not find it and report them?

1 - Exactly. This would strand the 4x4 in front of OP's house.

34- Depending on where you are... I THINK. That's a safety hazard which could lead to getting towed.

If they slashed the tires, and the owners didn't move it after enough time it would get towed. Not that I have that problem, when that happens to me, my friends and I push the car somewhere else.

65 True, but most cities do have some sorta law about this. I mean it is Op's private property that guy is putting his car on.

Not necessarily. After slashing their tires, they can probably call a tow truck or sell it to the dump... But that's just cruel. OP- Can't your dad just ASK your neighbors to move the 4x4? Because I'm pretty sure you didn't deserve to go to jail because your father wanted revenge. FYL.

96, but asking doesn't always work. At my old house, my neighbors basically used the front of our house/part of our driveway as their own personal parking garage, and no amount of asking them to stop and/or move their cars would work. Eventually we just started calling the towing company every time they did it, but they still kept doing it up until we moved.

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So the moral of the story is..... that your not good at standing watch

I'm curious about whether you know how to spell 34.

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Sucks bro hope your dad grows up.

just saying, I call girls and guys alike "dude" and "bro" quite frequently...

I don't consider that stuff to be gender specific. Most people don't, they use it as a term to refer to guys or girls.

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So proud to bail her husband and daughter of jail....NAWW

OP is obviously terrible at standing watch, if they got arrested. You are no daughter of mine...

didn't your parents teach you not to cave to peer pressure, just say no and walk away from people doing bad things . . lmao!!

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rebel_belle1974 5

really? you're sure? cuz #2 said "bro" don't see you ragging on him

I'm sure that's 'cause he probably gets enough shit already for being a shirtless douche. You, on the other hand, are old enough to know better, unless you lied about your age on your profile.

No, that pink sign is just a decoration. It's not like that's the symbol for females or anything.

Uh-oh, here comes Shrike bashing on the idiots! Get to cover!

Sorry, it's just... 37 and not just blind already, but illiterate? Just pisses me off. Plus, my mom is KaySL, so I can't help it. It's hereditary. :(

It's ok, Shrike, I understand. But one thing I don't understand is how much you comment, but you don't have a picture. It makes you look like one of those fml noobs that would say "I c what u did there LOLOL" or some crap. I find your lack of profile disturbing....

I could steal some "hot" girl's pic from Facebook and pass it off as my own, if you like. That's a pretty popular move 'round these parts the last couple of years.

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Shrike- A blonde-haired, blue-eyed lady with monstrous chesticles should do the trick.

Shrike- but if your info is true (which seems the case) you wouldn't be foolin me.

I'm sure everybody already said this, but... 1) op is a girl 2) even if op is a boy, the term "like father like son" is invalid because of the tone "forced" in the story which meant op did not go along with HER father willingly

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Your username. It shows much appreciation towards your paternal unit.

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Wow, what an insightful observation!

Oh my god. Kyleekay just complimented one of my comments.

I would get so excited there, smarty pants.

unknown_user5566 26

Ah sarcasm... Like practical jokes, are wasted on the stupid... It can also, however, be trolled back by those who get the drift, yet choose to feign ignorance

unknown_user5566 26

47- I considered the "returned sarcasm" option, until I checked his profile. Although I do feel a teensy bit bad about my snarky comment, considering he likes my comments enough to mention me. Woops.

Kyleekay, that's like feeling bad for breathing. You are the snark. You have /become/ the snark.

Why are 13 year olds allowed on a site where many of the posts are for adults? At least the ability to post should require 18+ or the maturity of legality..

Because apparently 13 year olds can't lie about their age to the website when signing up.

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As cool as it is that your dad includes you in his highjinx, it is seriously uncool to mess withe people's cars, there are other ways to take care of a problem. Some things are sacred. Ydi for taking part! Sory I don't know how to spell highjinx.

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Or how to use a space after sentence ending punctuation.

MrBond007_fml 6

Screw you bad guy, my spaces are perfect!

theBadGuy37 9

Really? Where is the space in "part!Sory"? And why did I get thumbed down for being right?

MrBond007_fml 6

It's Probably your computer, I did "part! (tab) sory (instead of sorry, but we already covered that)

theBadGuy37 9

Hmm... Apparently the app doesn't show spaces between paragraphs. My bad.

117 - For being a critical ****-bag who can't realize that it was a mistake.

theBadGuy37 9

126- Wow. Even after realizing my mistake and apologizing? Looks to me like you're just an asshole. Do the world a favor and **** off.

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Comment edited after reading the thread.

Yes it does. I'm using the app and I see it just fine.

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Slash their tires? Wow, he goes hardcore. I would've just egged their car, or something along those lines.

You're biased MichellinMan. The act of slashing tires probably makes you scream in horror and cringe at the murder of your innocent kindred.

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I bet they wouldn't have slashed if they were Michellin tires!

Shadowvoid 33

Egging someone's car is now considered vandalism because eggs will eat the paint off of a vehicle.

You should have taken a 2x4 to their 4x4.

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or just asked them to stop parking it there...

They should have done something to make this story more interesting. If you're going to go to jail, at least make it worth the time.

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Doc, sounds like you created the beginning of a smash-hit country song.

#52: I'd have suggested target-practice; specifically, with a cannon.

Sounds like that movie Walking Tall, starring The Rock or Dwayne Johnson.

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Doc, me? No, never... *shifty eyes* ;)

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Considering you went to jail with him, you must be a legal adult. With that being said, how the hell did he "force" you to stand guard? If my dad ever thought up an awful plan like that, I'd just say "no" and walk away.

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Where I live 16 year olds can end up in county jail.

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118- The FML implied the dad and OP were at the same facility. So, I am assuming they weren't at Juvie.