By krystal - 27/10/2011 00:24 - United States

Today, it's the third day of my dad's revenge after he snapped over me supposedly using the word "duh" in every other sentence. He got his hands on my old recorder and has been playing it loudly and out of tune outside my room when I try to do my homework. My mom thinks this is hilarious. FML
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Sethro 1

I guess you probably shouldn't say " duh" in every other sentence then.

Well I agree with your mom that is pretty funny.


abandonship 3

Sounds like something my dad would do >.

isitinmybedroom 11

Blast loud music outside of their room at random times of the night

flockz 19

lol that was meant for the idiot whose comment got moderated. great now i look like a derp.

What, you're dad doesn't already do that? I thought it was the "norm" for dads to do that.. I've been dealing with this my whole life!

When you become a hobo, because you didn't do your homework you can always guilt your dad into thinking its his fault and then extorting every last penny he owns. Mwahahah (I got a little carried away there)

enonymous 8

I would harmonize that and get a barber quartette to sing a long with it.

Ummm do hw at a friends house

oreobunbun 3

Buy a trumpet, fight back!

68, there's a difference between doing homework whilst listening to homework, and actually trying to do well in your homework and learning what you're working on by nonbeing in a noise free environment. You get the work done both ways, but it's more beneficial to concentrate on what you're doing.

MY FIRST FIRST EVER!!! Mummy and Daddy will be so happy!!! Well, here goes!!! FIRST!!!

Naomimi_fml 6



flockz 19

you're adopted.

Well at least nobodys gettin ther ass beat you dont want tht

That's why they make noise cancelling headphones.

Even with noise-canceling headphones, you could probably hear the higher notes of the recorder, unless you had your own music up loud, which would probably be just as distracting.

Not with good quality headphones, along with music...

IphonFML 6

33 u idiot. OP wants no music so he/she could do homework.

Just don't say the word duh around him and all shall be right in the world, duh

43- excuse you, but I thought most people could do homework and listen to music. I guess I didn't know how many idiots we had here.

I've done that once with my son's trombone...

FMLandurstoo 9

Shame on you. I fucking hate idiot parents who can be annoying just because they're in charge.

Except that I can actually play it well, not just make random noises...

FMLandurstoo 9

Well good for you. I wouldn't want my parents playing my French horn though either but that's a different debate.

If your parents started playing the French horn at your age, Herb, I would call in an exorcist.

FMLandurstoo 9

My parents' spirits live on in my dog Jessie. Mmmmmhmmmmm

detroitsucks247 3

Well my brother says the word -FUCK- every time he opens his mouth... -.I.. YOU

This one time...

Don't call an exorcist when u can call ghost busters yah :D

Lul, or you could learn to take a joke, stupid prick.

Christian ghostbusters!

rachilio 26

I have a trombone.... Who wants to hear hang on sloppy. *grabs trombone*

txgirl2013 14

Smash the recorder.

Or go to a library.

isitinmybedroom 11

Or smash your dads face

Well I agree with your mom that is pretty funny.

yes I agree, their mom is my hero of the day

X_Codes 11


lexex1 4

Your dad is an evil genius

Sethro 1

I guess you probably shouldn't say " duh" in every other sentence then.

SilverInGray 25

Better than saying 'like'.

tsim_fml 0

or "umm"

Well, DUH! Or is it no duh!? Kids these days...

Bah, 46!! You're making my head hurt!

Buttsexpirate 9

Yeah no duh!

Are you too weak to break it or something? They're only cheap plastic, if that happened in my house that thing would be broken beyond repair.

yourlifeisbetter_fml 0

Slam the door into him while he's standing outside your room!

I feel your pain. I hate when they play out of tune.