By krystal - / Thursday 27 October 2011 00:24 / United States
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  margie2194  |  12

When you become a hobo, because you didn't do your homework you can always guilt your dad into thinking its his fault and then extorting every last penny he owns. Mwahahah (I got a little carried away there)

  dre_bro11  |  12

68, there's a difference between doing homework whilst listening to homework, and actually trying to do well in your homework and learning what you're working on by nonbeing in a noise free environment. You get the work done both ways, but it's more beneficial to concentrate on what you're doing.


Even with noise-canceling headphones, you could probably hear the higher notes of the recorder, unless you had your own music up loud, which would probably be just as distracting.

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