By Argh - 03/11/2013 20:18 - France - Saivres

Today, my car keys are in my house and my house keys are in my car, and I'm in neither. FML
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kotana191 8

I guess all you can do is try to get in whichever one that will cause the least amount of damage to break into:/


kotana191 8

I guess all you can do is try to get in whichever one that will cause the least amount of damage to break into:/

Or call a locksmith maybe, unless he has your phone OP, then I dont know what you have to do

DalyaTheTurtle 6

So which window is worth more to you.

#34: desperate for comment views? I feel let down. It wasn't a very moving comment. Overall comment rating 2/10.

This is what spare keys are for! Invest in a 'hide-a-key' for under your car and for on your deck somewhere. Maybe inside a planter? Comes in handy lots.

54, it took the same amount of energy to use the incorrect "y" in spelling "shit" as it would have to correctly spell it. Why?

The problem being that then you are relying on security through obscurity.

incoherentrmblr 21

God forbid you have OCD in this situation...

I think I'm the only one who thinks OP was drunk, mixed up the house keys for car keys and proceeded to lock the front door as he went to the car, and upon realizing he had the wrong keys, proceeded to press the car lock down when he got out and left them on the seat... I can understand that. On my first deployment I had a bag full of uniforms that I was going to take and a bag full of civilian clothes to be mailed for when I got situated at the new site, which would have been 3 weeks later. Guess which bag I forgot...

Yea I was thinking the same thing. How do you even manage this...? Did OP walk out of his house with his car keys and then proceed to unlock the car and throw the house keys inside before relocking it for whatever reason before deciding to chuck his car keys up in the air so that they'd fall perfectly into the chimney and into the house? Finally he must have suddenly realized... wow what the hell did I just do? "Wait... I needed those keys. Hahah silly me, better post an fml about this absurdly unlikely situation."

The only way I can see this happening is if OP gave his housemate a ride home and they entered with the housemate's keys, leaving OP's keys inside the car. Ambient's theory could also work I guess, if OP's house door autolocks and he had left his car unlocked.

House door autolocks? You can lock a door without the key dude...

That's what I'm saying... It automatically locks.

Or... you turn the lock from the inside and shut the door.

I don't live in America, I'm French like OP, and I haven't seen a door lock like that here- but how the house door locks is irrelevant. My point is that for Ambient's theory to work, OP's car would have had to be unlocked for him to get in and leave his house keys on the seat. I find it more likely that he locked his car and entered the house with someone, rather than leaving his car unlocked, getting drunk and deciding to drunk drive, mixing up his keys, and manually locking the car door behind him when getting out.

Simple, With car keys in hand OP locks the house keys in the car he then goes in side for whatever reason and puts his car keys down while in there, then on his way out he manually locks the door and closes it, thus locking him self out of both house and car. This is why I have a spare car key cut and kept in my wallet (one that opens the door but wont start the car)

Actually, I live in America and I also have yet to see a lock that can be locked from the inside. I would need a key to lock it from the outside. Thus making this situation, almost impossible.

Haha but the way this is worded is just perfect

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It also takes skill to pick your lock ;D

It also takes leaving keys in the wrong places.

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I do not understand either. For that to happen, wouldn't ONE of them have to have been unlocked? I mean, how would you get your car keys into the house without your house keys? How would you have gotten your house keys into your car without it being unlocked which you would need a key for?

You are in your house you lock the car from your house without realising that the keys are in there you put your car keys down and pop out to get tge mail the door slams shut from the wind. There

So OP's house is unlocked... Unless they locked the bottom lock before leaving.

Hmmm which one would cause less damage to break into..hopefully your house had a window open that you could crawl through or something.

Concentrate, OP. The keys will come to you.

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And that's when OP realizes he left his phone at work

I agree. The keys to success are staying calm and thinking rationally. Oh who am I kidding? OP probably locked the keys to success in the trunk or something.

Call the keysmith or the dealership, and until then just hang with a friend or family. Hope you had nowhere important to be!

One of those days, hope it's not raining where you life