By dfkjhregoiuberiug - United States
  Today, I woke up in my best guy friend's bed to the sound of him jerking off. As I laid there motionless with my back to him, he reached around me to grab a tissue. I don't think I can ever speak to him again. FML
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  amerrah  |  4

Whenever I stay at my guy friends house, I usually share the bed with him. but he always strips down to his briefs and hogs the covers. We have a joke that he gets wood exactly at 12 am. Lol

  Brittaneyyy  |  0

it's the same as long as it's strictly a friends relationship I sleep in bed next to my guy friends n cuddle with them I don't see the big deal same gies for my best girl friends

By  canopy19  |  0

It's funny he couldn't wait to blow his load until after you left. As far as never speaking to him again, maybe you should talk to him one last time to say you don't appreciate being jerked off next to.

By  keepmeonpins  |  0

Obviously thats a little messed up that he would whack off while you were sleeping next to him but you got in bed with him and when a guy has a chick in bed with him, regardless of how close or buddy buddy you are, he is gonna think about banging you...why were you sleeping with him anyway? You probably tease the fuck out of him anyway and I bet you did something to set him off...just be thankful he just rubbed one out and didnt rape you....but i bet YDI anyway.