By Anonymous - 15/10/2011 01:48 - Canada

Today, I came home from school to find almost every single personal possession and piece of furniture from my bedroom all laid out or disassembled in the back yard. My dad smugly told me I'd better start moving it all back. This is his revenge for me salting his coffee this morning. FML
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poemqueen 15

You shouldn't have salted his coffee then!

1st off Coffee is Holy you never mess with it so you definitely deserved it/ 2nd I like your dad's creativity, you got to respect the effort he put into that one


poemqueen 15

You shouldn't have salted his coffee then!

poemqueen 15

Seriously. You don't **** with someone's coffee, bro. That's low.

enonymous 8

You'll find the small Ikea wrench in the salt shaker. Get to work

Have* "Some people have* anger issues." Anyway, in my opinion, OP was asking for it. It's one thing to play a little prank, but when it's the morning cup of coffee you're messing with... Well, you deserve what's coming your way. OP should know their dad well enough to know the extreme consequences they may face.

My dad would kill me if I touched his coffee. And my mom.... -shudders-

56 they were correct. They said "God, someone has anger issues." Actually READ the post next time?

Your right. She should have put antifreeze in it.

Lol! Yeah, I saw I'd misread the comment, but I was too late to edit it. Serves me right too. I almost never correct anyone and usually get annoyed when others do it, so that was definitely well-deserved. Oh well.

be more wrong. if you prank someone, expect to get pranked back. looks to me like the dad simply won the prank wat

tjv3 10

Don't salt peoples coffee!! Do that, and expect some shit back!!!

wakadalhadaf 4

Don't mess with a black mans coffee!!!!!

hilary56 0

Seriously dude, your fault for igniting the fire man

I'ma thumb it up just for you thumbing down

76 and I'm thumbing you down for...oh wait.

Dam what did u do?? Dump a whole gallon of salt into his cup??

How old are you to not know how to spell "damn"?

I'm more concerned about the sorcery this person is using to be able to fit a gallon into a cup

Salt would dissolve, therefore able to fit an entire gallon in it.

yamatelle 19

52- It will come to a point where the coffee will become so saturated that the salt will not be able to dissolve anymore.

Ok people, time for a lesson in units of measurement. A gallon is the larger than a cup. It does not matter that the salt disolves, because adding the salt would still increase the volume. Assuming that the cup was full of coffee, there is no way in the physical world we occupy that a gallon of anything will fit into the cup. Unless said "cup" was not the standard eight ounce cup, and happened to be atleast a gallon sized "cup". Just for ***** and giggles, who is measuring salt in gallons anyway?

Pretty sure salt is measured in weight not volume anyway.

austinkiser 3

Oh crap!! It's Curtis the dumbass

Greatness101(guy that got thumbed down-SOLUBILITY!

Hmm, well anyway, that's how the religious spell damn. So technically it is proper spelling, he was just referring to the thing beavers/humans make, not the action word ( I think it's an action).

1st off Coffee is Holy you never mess with it so you definitely deserved it/ 2nd I like your dad's creativity, you got to respect the effort he put into that one

every1luvsboners 11

True fact: You're an idiot. Coffee isn't and never has been considered a drug, it's called caffeine, smart guy.

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a drug. A mild stimulant. Caffeine is number 1 used. Dunno about being the best though!

btnhdude 0

Mmat Damon! My name is Mat Damon!

Couldn't live without my Coke!... Referring to Coca-Cola.

my2centsworth 15

Caffeine is my drug of choice. Coffee is my delivery method of choice. That is all.

every1luvsboners 11

You people are morons. Anyone ever heard of decaffeinated coffee? Caffeine is a drug, coffee is not. The retardation on this website never ceases to amaze me.

I bet you won't do that again now. Well played on your dads part!

Decapitation 3

You salted...HIS COFFEE!!!!!!!! YDI!!!!!!!

Decapitation 3

Combination of being Asian and having a big head!

onorexveritas 23

never mess with a man or womans coffee, owned bish!

So it's ok to mess with a hermaphadite's coffee? Ok, good to know.

Lizzy500 16

Never mess with a man's and/or woman's coffee. Happy now?

Now people on the interwebs r being politically correct wat has the world come to :D