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  AnOriginalName  |  19

To be fair, #23, a lot of construction companies are often willing to deliver waste materials like dirt/sand for free. Otherwise, they have to pay to dump the materials at a landfill or someplace similar.

To the OP: call a few tree-cutting companies in the area and ask them to dump a couple yards of mulch on your dad's driveway. Two can play at this game.


23- Well, OP shouldn't have taken Boardwalk. OPs dad really wanted it. It was totally justifiable to dump a truckload of sand on someone's driveway for that. (sarcasm for all you humorless folk)

  Exhaling  |  12

Atleast it wasn't with your boyfriend and best friend and your boyfriend got so mad he said he cheated on you with your best friend last night..

  8born8  |  18

Go to your local seafood market and buy some fish. Everyday put a piece of it under eaxh floor mat of his car. Slowly but surely, the stank shall grow.