By Anonymous - 23/02/2012 18:01 - United States

Today, I picked up a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer. Despite wearing pants, the static electricity from the blanket delivered a shock straight to my crotch. FML
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Obviously the universe thought your sex life was dead, so it was trying a little CPR/defibrillation. "Shit, we lost him! Charge to 300! CLEAR!!" *ZAP*

fernclogger 5

Did it turn you on?


Llamacod 11

That sounds electrifyingly fun.

Llamacod 11

Wow, I was 1st

Ouch! Hopefully it didn't do too much damage

only casualties would be a few innocent sperm, assuming OP is a guy

ThisIsMyReign 4

Is it blanket on the dick? OPERATION!

OMG! I hope his pants are okay.

blackheart24 10

47- haha your temple run pic is awesome, btw my high score is unbeatable. Sucks for OP. His children are all gonna have twitching issues lol.

Free vibrator! :))

tdawg4200 0

Hey #2, just how much damage do you think a static shock from a blanket can give?

Hey number 70, it was sarcasm.

Hmmm shocking.

drewfus2 6

Dryer sheets, bitch!

I thought that warm blankets were suppose to make you feel warm in side. Shocking.

shanemaximo 7

You know if your crotch was traveling at precisely 84 miles per hour at the exact time of the shock it would go BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!

Hopefully it didn't kill his last brain cell

What the fuck does his brain have to do with his crotch?!?! It's his manhood that is the issue. (assuming it is a guy)

It's acually 88 m/h not 84 oh and you need a fluks capasiter every one knows that duh

flipfloperson 5

I'm not sure if they used a fluks capasiter, but they did use a flux capacitor.

bmboente15 0

Maybe some people find your crotch quite shocking. Ba-dum-bum

lrgenesis 19

Electric personality OP!

What does OP mean?

aleclikestacos 8

Ovulating penis^

bizarre_ftw 21

Omnipresent Pentagram

btnhdude 0

Oblivious Person.

Orgasmic Potato

Otter Pudding, don't believe these liars

It means Othoscopic Platypus obviously.

It means original person

StromyG2 10

Obliterated Pussy (you know, because of the electrocution)

lrgenesis 19

I love FML so much... It actually stands for Ornery Plainstrider, like the ones in WoW

fernclogger 5

Did it turn you on?

I thought you were me for a second.

Llamacod 11

No, he has different goofy ass hair

That0therguy 4

Suddenly, Frank found a new way of masturbation.

42- What's so goofy about his ass hair? :D

Obviously the universe thought your sex life was dead, so it was trying a little CPR/defibrillation. "Shit, we lost him! Charge to 300! CLEAR!!" *ZAP*

Did you get anything? No, he's still limp! Wait... *OP tries to flirt with girl....* We've got a pulse! *OP gets slapped* Oh nevermind...time of death; 3:05.

Doc knows what he's talking about, not only is he a trauma surgeon, he always plays one on TV

Best comment I've seen in a while. Thanks Doc

HannahMarshall 6

I bet it gave you an electric feel.

All Alone on the western front. People line up to receive.but she got the power in her hand. To shock you like you won't beleive.

Meraklez1013 9

Loving it 25!!! I like how that song sounds on gummy headphones too!!

I bet he/she became magnetic man after that.


How shocking... Now to wait for thumbs down...

zingline89 18

Damn you just got cock shocked

incognito1520 20

Well played.

Nice that was actually really good

Da_Bauss435 8

Are you sure he wasn't shock blocked?

zingline89 18


94- Ummm no. Was he going to have sex with the dryer???

KVKdragon 26

Looks like fate was trying to jumpstart your love life ;)