By madeline9322 - 20/12/2016 03:15 - Canada

Today, the lack of heating in my room has gotten to the point where I have to cuddle my clothes for the next day at night so they're not freezing when I wake up. FML
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Obviously you should just start a trash can fire next to your bed

maybe an electric blanket? Of it wasn't such an old building I'd suggest installing a wood furnace.


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Did you at least buy them a drink first?

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Just wear multiple sets of clothing.

Obviously you should just start a trash can fire next to your bed

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Tried it. I just can't fall asleep that way. It's funny, because as a kid I loathed pitting on pajamas and would always sleep in normal clothes, even if it was jeans. it drove my parents mad. Now I wish I could do that.

Why don't you try putting them in the dryer for a couple of minutes before you wake up? I do that with blankets all the time, less wrinkles that way. Or you could iron them in the morning, instant cozy clothes! Hope you find some warmth soon! (edit: I see others have made the same suggestion, great minds think alike!)

My parents wouldn't want me to - we live in the country, the dryer is old and lpud, and hydro is a fortune. But that's a pretty great suggestion.

If it's really cold and you sleep with your clothes on, getting out of bed is a nightmare. It's like getting out of your mother's womb directly into an igloo.

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I'd just pop them in the dryer for a few minutes

For those of you thats not from Canada... WELCOME TO CANADA. During winter especially

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or they could just not have heat. I've always liked living in older walkups versus newer shinier buildings. Way more character and quality. The last one I lived in had an undergrouns heated garage. however the apartments had radiator heaters that were only turned on when the building went below a certain temperature. had to buy a couple space heaters.

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So there's this awesome thing called a space heater. Maybe invest in one?

There's this crazy thing where I live with my family in a 120 year old farmhouse in a Canadian winter so the heat from a space heater would dissipate as soon as you turn it off - it would cost a fortune.

maybe an electric blanket? Of it wasn't such an old building I'd suggest installing a wood furnace.

There actually is a wood furnace that burns so hot at night if you go in that room you immediately break out in a thick sweat and your clothes feel sticky and wet. But the insulation is so bad that my room is consistently extremely cold.

I have similar problem in my house. Nice heater, but terrible insulation. My room is about 20 degrees below ( about 30 if it is windy ) the rest of the house. Luckily my sister gave me a good electric blanket, and fleece. And mom gave me a quilt. Now I sleep with the electric blanket under me, the quilt on me, and the fleece on the quilt. It works good. The only down side is I have to keep a mug of something to drink on the desk next to my bed so I don't become dehydrated.

Well, perhaps you could buy a small space heater. They don't have to be expensive to get the job done. Just make sure you don't leave things close to it, as it could start a fire

That's sad. You can also put your clothes for the next day between your covers. That way you'll be warmer at night and your clothes won't be cold or wrinkled in the morning.

or you can just iron your clothes in the morning. nothing beats nice hott clothing on a cold morning.