By Tara - Sweden
Today, I baby sat a four-year old kid, because his parents went partying. Once in bed, he yells "I want to go party!!". After 3 or 4 times, I told him to go to sleep. 2 hours later, wet bed. "Told you I want to go potty!!" FML
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By  PKYAZ  |  0

hahahahahahaha that's the most fucking funny thing ever lol
I mean it's weird that a 4 year old say I wanna go party
he only wanted to go potty lol
u told him to sleep lol he went potty in bed aint his fault lol =)

By  xMooMoox  |  0

You guys she thought he wanted to go do what his parents were doing (partying) its understandable. But what I can't see is why the kid didn't just go by himself? And why "I want to go potty?" Why not "I need to go potty?" I realize hes 4 but still.