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  brianjman14  |  22

Oh my god, if we're old enough to know what "FML" stands for, then we're old enough to see the word "balls." YDI, just for naming your balls "plums" and "dime sacks." I mean seriously, even "snow globes" is better than that.

  lilmissy1290  |  0

considering that icy hot is washable ydi for being dumb and letting your balls burn.. hell soap water and some olive oil will remove it and make it stop burning.. (good for if you accidently apply too much)

By  captainahob  |  0

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By  HamsteronA  |  0

I found I had to read this at 3 times before I understood what it said, thanks to your bad grammar and terrible word choice. I thought you spilt liquid on your money then set your garden on fire. Also, what's icy hot?


Today, I bought a live lobster to have for dinner. When my four year old daughter discovered it in the cooler, she thanked me incessantly for finally getting her a pet. She now won't let "Mr. Shelly" out of her sight. FML

By meganmagee - / Monday 16 September 2013 18:47 / United States - Barnesville
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