I did not consent to this under my roof

By CatBlock - 31/01/2014 06:16 - United States - Decatur

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex. As we were getting into it, his cat came into the room, sat, and stared us down with what looked like disapproving eyes. After 5 minutes had gone by, we stopped completely. A cat just cockblocked me. FML
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Don't understand why you stopped because a cat walked in. When I walk in my roommates just keep going.

Animals can make sexual experiences more awkward than you think when they're just staring at you.


Well if you can get once I'm sure you can get it again somewhere with no cats.

Locks? I hadn't realized cats could turn door handles now...

#71: One of my cousins used to have this huge cat that could put both of it's paws on the doorknob and turn it.

Both of my cats used to get around closed and locked doors by squeezing themselves into the room through the small gaps between the in house doors and the floor. We had to stuff towels under the doors if we wanted to keep them out and even that didn't always work. They would just bat at the towels with their paws until they had moved them enough to allow space to come in.

How small were these cats exactly? The gap between my doors and the ground is less than 5 inches tall...

The gap between my door and floor is less then half an inch

Both my cats were considered the runts of the litter but they were fairly normal sized cats. They were just freakishly flexible and our gap at the time was about an inch high. They were cheap apartments.

Next time time block the door instead of getting blocked like that

Or just close the door maybe? Unless the cat knew how to open doors....

My cat knows How to open doors unfortunately :(

So does mine. He scared the living shit out of us the first time he did it. And this is a cat who can't figure out how to burry his poop. "No, dumb ass! Scratch INSIDE the litter box!"

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Then switch to round doorknobs. Cats cannot open those.

How does one time block a door? Does it use time to block a door or does it block time from getting past the door?

That's actually not true, #66. They very well can open round doors. It's a bit trickier for them, but they can donit, nonetheless.

Animals can make sexual experiences more awkward than you think when they're just staring at you.

Together with his sidekick, Private Oblivious!

40, I'm pretty sure it's Sgt. Obvious. (His name)

Good observation there, Brad. Unfortunately, the term "Captain Obvious" depicts more of a superhero character than a military rank one. Take for example "Captain Canuck". Captain America is another good example but has the inconsistency of serving military agendas.

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The sex mustn't be that good if something as small as that distracts you enough to stop.

Not true. Cats ans dogs can even ruin the most fun ones. Ever had a Dog lick your feet while having sex?

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Feet licking would certainly be enough for me to stop. That would be very distracting. However a cat just looking at me? That I probably wouldn't even notice. If it bothered OP that much, why not kick the cat out and then continue?

You wouldn't notice a cat staring at you?? Maybe you're picturing it wrong. Imagine you're on top and you're in the mood, you open your eyes and there, on the other side of your partner's head, is his cat, watching intensely... Yeah no close the door, line the kitchen with catnip if you have to, but that pussy stays out. You know it's plotting something...

I once almost rolled over on my cat. He got put on the floor, and we went back to business.

Might as well be the first to say it: your boyfriend only has time for ONE pussy.

Since the person said they were with their boyfriend and got **** blocked I believe the cat was the only pussy in the room.

That cat knew there could only be one pussy getting pet, and it doesn't share!

Don't understand why you stopped because a cat walked in. When I walk in my roommates just keep going.

Someone slap #8 for wasting brain cells

I'm with you 3. I don't really get people getting all up in arms about their pets seeing them. My dog sleeps in a crate next to our bed, and while it was a little awkward when I was hanging off the edge of the bed, opened my eyes and saw him watching intently, it wasn't enough to make me want to stop. Maybe I like sex more than some people on this site.

Haha I know the feeling... as disturbing as that is. Not sure why anyone would want to display that behavior to their roommates, but seems like mine have never cared nor minded that I was there. And they sure don't care when I leave to go vomit, either. Well, OP, at least you respect the kitty.

If you didn't want anyone or anything finding out, you should've shut the door.

At least his cat didn't try to sacrifice you to satan.

The cat **** blocked your boyfriend, not you..

#20 does nobody look at the gender symbol??

I agree. Her boyfriend was **** blocked... OP was twat swatted.

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Umm, I would think the fact that they stopped in the middle of having sex would mean they were both **** blocked. He's blocked from getting his rocks off by penetrating her with that ****. She's blocked from being penetrated by said **** and having it pound her to ******. In both cases they aren't getting to enjoy the benefits of the almighty dick, therefore both were **** blocked.