By coco - / Thursday 18 June 2009 05:10 / Canada
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  easylazy  |  0

Wow, that's horrible. I feel sooooooo bad for you. *sarcasm* Seriously, is this even close to an FML?! If every person posted an FML everytime they missed a bus, then this site would be loaded with shit!

  wasted0087  |  0

He has a legit point, a lot of people miss busses. I mean really if you can't suck it out to the next bus, or call a cab then to fuckin' bad, so you go choke on a cock retard.

  crethan33  |  6

i think its an fml because
1. they already paid the fare
2. have to wait typically an hour for the next bus
3. headed to an important meeting/job could have caused op to show up late
4. if its the last of op's money then they are really fucked

  armageddillo  |  0

dunno how the bus is up there in canada, but in hawaii even if its crowded you just move away from the door or let the other people just squeeze through, the bus driver should wait.

By  gingermonster16  |  0

That really sucks. I hate when that happens. You try to do the right thing by letting people stepping out to let people off croweded public transportation, then you end up getting screwed over... yea.

But this happens to loads of people. So it's not really an FML it's like... F half the worlds L.

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