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Today, I was writing my rough draft of an essay, and I forgot how to spell a word. I waited for auto correct to help. I was writing on paper. FML
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I hope you remembered to save your paper every few minutes just in case! I mean, what if the power went out!?


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I'm apart of the 2047 generation. We still don't have flying cars, and the president is Cy-bama.

25 do they call him cy-hitler in your time?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I wonder what kind of transportation there will be in the future...? Maybe when the world runs out of gas, we will travel on giant flying bison :o

41- Avatar reference? If so then I approve.

No, we just use more petroleum from other planets :-/ Oh and global warming was a hoax.

Or fully solar power vehicles.... Seems a bit more realistic...

False. The future will be void of life, as time machines will be invented in 2043, and because pollution and gas costing $65 a gallon, everyone will "move" to the past. Unfortunately, time machines were made for one way travel, thus the reason I'm in 2012. Btw, the mayan calendar ending, all that happened was a widespread serious case of indigestion.

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I remember when i had my first beer...

Haha last time i heard that i laughed so hard i fell of my dinosaur!

Global warming was a hoax? Honestly these past winters have been really warm, should have been 50 degrees cooler.

skyeyez9 24

The earth goes thru warming and cooling cycles. When the ice age stopped and it began to warm up, it wasn't because of those pesky mammoths and their darn gas guzzling SUVs. Global warming is an excuse for the government to have yet another tax and control what you drive, what temp you set your thermostat, what house you can have, and any other aspect they can think of due to "global warming."

What about greenhouse gasses that come from burning gas?

That's like me, except I always wait for paperclips to answer my questions :/

99 hahahahahah Absolutely find your comment hilarious!!

58 last time I heard that I laughed soo hard I farted... and thats how the big bang happened!

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125- I see what you did there.. :D

This is why technology is bad. We, Generation Z (90's kids), have grown up with technology all our lives, which means we've never learned how to do anything the hard way. I am concerned about this, as some day the human race will be in our hands, and most of the kids in this generation are blithering idiots. (I realise the irony of what I just said)

136- every time I hear someone say technology is bad, I look at the Amish. You can't honestly tell me that they're doing better than us.

136- every time I hear someone say technology is bad, I look at the Amish. You can't honestly tell me that they're doing better than us.

OP was obviously waiting for the autocorrect on his brain to help him :D

PuppiesFTW 5

To be honest that happened to me a couple of times already. :/

I tried to unlock my friend's house door with my truck's key remote once...

I know how you feel, I was drawing and made a wrong line and my first instinct was to press Ctrl Z while I was drawing on paper.

tylersign 11

Here we go Apple, your next project.

That's rather sad, OP. May I suggest a break from technology?

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Why does Caps right away mean yelling?

I actually read the text in my mind as a yell lol

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I think you mean pure razyness mr. Chow

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Kaluszwig... you're a racist cookie.

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It's not laziness unless your refusing to do something that involves moving around or getting active. Duh.

It's isn't lazy just too technology dependent

cradle6 13

I hope you remembered to save your paper every few minutes just in case! I mean, what if the power went out!?

Lol that's pretty funny, but maybe you need to get out more?

You realise technology is outside too, right? Most people I see outside are doing something on their fancy gadgets rather than actually physically interacting.

This post is in reference to the computer, not technology In general. Before you attempt to correct someone think.

And since when do people write a paper on a "fancy gadget" other than a computer ?? I'll wait...

I wouldn't say I came with the intention of correcting you, but well played.

*You're. If you're to try to use sarcasm to insult someone please use some common sense and use proper spelling/punctuation. Otherwise you will look like an idiot. Just a tip. (:

olpally 32

Grammar nazi.. No one cares about this mistake.. It's easy for me to figure out.. Go back to your hole..

Hmm. I don't remember crawling out of a hole. Perhaps a vodka bottle? I was just giving this commenter a friendly tip, to prevent him/her from getting raged at by potential psychotic Grammar Nazis in the future. That is all. But thanks for your input. :)

The whole "if I can understand it, who cares" thing is dumb. It's encouraging people to type like retards.