By Anonymous - 03/02/2013 07:32 - Canada - Campbell River

Today, I was running late for work and quickly grabbed my outfit from the dryer. I heard the crackling of static as I took out my shirt. I didn't think anything of it, until later when my co-worker pointed out I had a thong stuck to my back. FML
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Did anybody else think of the bit in Monsters Inc where the orange monster comes out of the room with a sock stuck to him? Or is it just me?


You got first comment and that's the best you had? Well, it sucks but not as bad as the one and only first comment I had. Last I checked, it had over 550 thumbs down and over 50 people commenting on how bad it was. If I ever get another chance before I leave this beautiful Earth, I swear I'll make a good one and win back the love of the people!!

As puns go, this one was quite good. Therefore it is a perfectly fine first comment.

If Tourettes Guy gives his seal of approval, then it's a good pun ;) It was original at least, unlike other 1st comments, and puns of the shit and cat variety...

Thanks dude. If we both agree on it, it must be a work of genius!

That's pretty shocking, that a thong can stick unnoticed to your shirt until you got to work!

Hopefully it really was only static that made it stick.

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I just hope it wasnt someone elses.

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This FML would be a lot funnier if OP were male. Alas, no such luck.

Don't know about you, but I used to like them.. But now their a thing of the past..

Dreadful bloody things. Don't get why people wear dental floss on their asses...

That reminded me of that movie where she tries to pick out thongs, gives up and makes one out of dental floss while that guy is watching her from his house.. The girl next door? I think haha I don't know :p

At least it wasn't the boss that saw it

EDIT- ****, you changed the comment. Good thing too, haha.

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OP, I can feel your embarrassment.

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At least he can't accuse you of having something stuck up your butt.

Well, most girls do have more than one thong...

Haha! I think something similar has happened to all of us. At least it was clean.

Today, I photographed Asians photographing. I'm fairly sure I'm starting a trend.

I think you're right. You won't believe how fast your comment will be buried.

What has this got to do with anything? A part from bragging that about some useless shit that no-one, NO ONE here gave a toss about?

Yeah, well, today, I took a photograph of some guy photographing Asians photographing.

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#9 thank you... But your services are no longer needed here. Please exit to the left.

9-Comments that make no sense or relate to the FML are not welcomed here. This isn't IFunny where most of the comments are ******* out of topic. Roll out!

Haha op! I once pulled out my girlfriend's thong from my sweater sleeve in front of my entire class. Everyone laughed for days!

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It's cool... mistakes happen. Now, don't go getting your knickers in a twist.

She can't, they are on the back of her shirt! LOL