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Today, after a long day, I energetically took off my belt to take my pants off and relax. In doing so, I whipped the belt around in the air, causing it to spin around and slap me right in my tender ballsack. I almost threw up. FML
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Now if your kids are messed up you know why

Did you proceed to watch The Nutcracker?


Hopefully you didn't cause anything worse than pain. You may want to get that checked out, Op.

I'm a girl so I have no idea what that feels like but I'm sure it hurts like hell. Feel better OP!

I'm a girl too so I don't know what it feels like either but it hurts the same as being punched in the boob

well it is a organ so it hurts a lot... my friend kicked me in mine because he jumped in my direction and I collapsed on the ground in pain dying slowly I did throw up and it took a good 40 minutes of my friend saying it will be ok that I could sit up not stand but sit I did heal... but it was painful

Based on the agony I've seen guys in when they gets hit there, I'm pretty sure it hurts a lot more than getting punched in the boob.

#5 What a way to contradict your own comment. First not knowing what it feels like then saying it hurts the same as punching a boob. Anyway, I'm not sure what it feels like either, but I think getting hit in the balls hurts more.

sadly yes... it can take up to a hour for those types of pains to stop

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An accurate feeling to be hit on the balls would be like getting your ovaries hit, rather than being hit on the tit. However I don't have any experience with being hit on the chest with female breasts. The most accurate description of having your balls hit would be like being punched in the gut making you want to throw up while having excruciating pain between your legs, which can leave you curled up in the fetal position on the floor.

You've never been hit in the crotch? Still hurts a shitton if you're a girl.

I've been kicked in the clit and I swear to god I couldn't get up off the floor for almost 30 minutes.

Yeah. Being kicked between the legs as a girl hurts about as much as being kicked in the balls as a boy. However, women are more likely to receive broken pelvic bones from being kicked between the legs than men are. So overall, it sucks a lot more to be kicked between the legs as a woman than it does as a man.

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The reason it hurts more for a guy to be kicked in the crotch is that they have a lesser pain tolerance than women. Plus women are used to being in pain down there from period cramps. However, no matter what sex someone is it still hurts to be kicked in the crotch.

It's not a lesser pain tolerance #30. Men have a natural instinct embedded into them genetically to protect their reproductive organs. Because of this instinct, they over-react a bit (but with good reason) when getting kicked in the crotch. It actually doesn't hurt as much as the reaction would suggest it does.

Pretty sure that has nothing to do with it #30. Guys have a lesser pain tolerance sure, but it's because there are so many nerve endings on testicles. Which makes them super sensitive to even the slight blow.

It's like having two kidneys just hanging out of your body exposed in a sack.

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No it's nothing like Bing hit in the boob it's an organ it is much more sensitive than a boob

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No once again bone skin and fat Are no where near as sensitive as organs if you want to get an idea of what it would feel like take a solid liver shot

A straight shot to the crotch hurts, but I wouldn't say as much as a nut shot. Would a clit hit like someone else mentioned be similar, considering it's so sensitive? Still, we're lucky considering it's harder to hit than a guys balls.

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I dunno how it hurts when you get punched in the boob, but if you a have nutsack, EVEN THE SLIGHTEST PINCH will give you the mother of all pains for a few seconds.

Much worse, there's a metric shit ton of nerve endings in the scrotum

Now if your kids are messed up you know why

I guess that's one way to practice your sackwhacking skills...

I was thinking along the lines of Hacky Sack, but that's just me.

Dude I'm almost 40 and have never heard of sack whacking. In fact, I'm 100% confident that if I google it, the only result will be your post.

I bet it threw you for a loop.... I shouldn't be making a joke, and a horrible one at that. Feel better OP!

Your future kids went to Mars for sure. R.I.P Op juniors.

well you got your pants off.... and in the process almost destroying your family jewls

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That would've been hilarious to watch! Hope your jewels feel better.