By RequilaRainbow - 26/01/2012 07:34 - Canada

Today, while waiting outside a liquor store for my boyfriend, a drunk guy leaned over my shoulder, took a large bite out of my burger, and walked away. FML
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Lol should have shared a kick with his balls ;)

enonymous 8

Worst ninja ever. Smelly, let the target see him and left DNA

ThisIsMyReign 4

I would have been madder then a one legged waitress working at IHOP.

when is an egg mcmuffin classified as a burger? derp.

Jakesterk96 8

Damn, the burger biter strikes again....

Where is the burger biter I want to meet him

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You like Larry the Cableguy, eh 57?

I would do that without being drunk. That and saying "These are not the droids you are looking for" when a cop pulls me and my friends over.

138, You would **** over someone you don't know for the hell of it without even being drunk? That's not something I'd be proud of if I were you. You're pretty much a walking mistake. I'd be suprised if your parents haven't had doubts about whether abortion really was such a bad idea...

NikkiFlysKites 8

Holy shit, 154. Calm down! When did taking a bite of a stranger's burger become ******* them over? It might taste wonderful, but I'm sure they could manage to move on with their life.

...Well if we are going to be pedantic, since when did ******* someone over mean they'll never move on with their life? Ruining someones meal is ******* them over. I don't know, maybe I'm old fashioned, but I don't think you need to beat someone within an inch of their life to be ******* them over. But that's me. If someone feels comfortable ruining experiences for others who they don't know for their own ***** and giggles then you can safely assume this is trending behaviour that will repeat in other circumstances. Therefore, the individual is guaranteed to be a fuckwad. Sorry to break it to you.

I've gotta bring back an oldy when I say... PWNED!

154/186- Wow, someone doesn't know the meaning of fun and sheer silliness. I would eat someone's hamburger any day, especially a really tasty-looking one. Don't go crazy because you saw a weird comment. I'm a very weird and quirky person, thank you very much.

Welcome to good burger home of the good burger.

So2011 4

You should tell the owner of the liquor store to never sell anything to that drunk guy anymore.

OP has some tasty meat, and he wanted some of that. Way to go op! That could also be a tax write off for feeding the poor(possibly)!

TayonaC 10

15. The point of a liquor store is to get liquor. And It's pretty likely that you'll get drunk drinking And he won't stop selling, it's his job.

Hamburgers: the cornerstone to any nutritious breakfast!

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I love Pulp Fiction references. Lol.

He probably made this face when he ate it.

KelBelAndNats 7

Eww. I just hope you didn't continue eating the burger :-/

Meh! Just eat around his bite. Can't waste that shit!

TexasMud 8

21 is right... You can't just waste food like that, didn't your parents ever tell you?

KelBelAndNats 7

I was taught not to waste food, however my parents also taught me not to eat food strangers had touched with their bare hands/eaten.

I'm with #3 on this one that is jut gross I say get a new one XD if you can't then I would just eat something else XD I mean you got fries to right ? O-o

KelBelAndNats 7

46, I actually worked for McDonalds for a few years when I was in high school. KFC too. So I do know what goes on behind the scenes there. There's a reason I don't eat fast food and the amount of people that don't wash their hands and then touch the food is that reason. Although someone touching a burger bun is a lot different to taking a bite out of it.

KelBelAndNats 7

Also in Australia it's regulation that they have to wear gloves - not so sure about in the US, but we try to enforce that here.

FearShrine, I applaud you. *clap clap*

KelBelAndNats 7

You seriously put way too much thought into that. I am not an idiot - I am well aware people have to touch food. I choose to wash fruit & vegetables I buy from the supermarket; I choose to be sanitary in my eating habits. Clearly you are taking what I said too literally. Obviously there are limitations to how much I can avoid strangers touching my food. It would be insane to think otherwise. But I certainly am not about to keep eating something a random stranger has taken a bite out of - if someone left a half eaten burger on a tray at a McDonalds, would you just pick it up and eat it? I certainly wouldn't.

If I was a human/cannibal/unicorn thing than yes, I would.

Did they really? That exact lecture? Is strangers touching your food with their bare hands/ lips a common occurance in your town? what if they wear gloves?

KelBelAndNats 7

I'm not sure if you're aware of this 80, but people are disgusting. A lot of people don't wash their hands regularly. A lot of people are not sanitary. It's not that it is a bigger issue where I live than anywhere else in the world, it's just my parents tried to avoid my siblings and I taking food from strangers, or sharing with strangers. Plus I have a sister with a suppressed immune system - being sanitary, especially with food, is kind of a necessity.

Fearshine... Actually ur wrong he dosnt have to die he can jus start a garden! It saves u money, its better for u and it looks pretty:-)!

But the seeds have been handled by people? Dilemma! D:

FearShrine, it was obvious they were talking about MINIMISING the number of people touching the food, you know what they meant. I certainly also hope you can distinguish a difference between someone packing a burger to someone putting it in their mouth. Most importantly, someone who shows an obvious disregard for sanitary behaviour.

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Also the guy was drunk. How do you not kno he had an STD/HIV or did drugs tht rotted his teeth? Maybe even both.

Favourited. Haha I can picture my friend doing something like that.

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Hopefully not another fad like planking.....

Should have just given him the rest if the burger...

Hell no! Why reward him and encourage that sort of behavior?

TayonaC 10

I would have asked him if he wanted anther bite then thrown it on the ground in his face.

desireev 17

10- No! It is NOT 'of'!! They were correct! It is, in fact, 'have'! I can understand little spelling mistakes and other grammar mistakes.. But this one just urks my nerves. It is 'should have...'. NOT 'should of'!

desireev 17

I noticed that you incorrectly corrected yourself. You were right the first time. You should 'have' left it the way you posted it.

63, that would guarantee you the company of Satan in the afterlife.

Desireev- I believe 10 is correcting 'rest if' with 'rest of'.

.... And now I look like the slow person who took too long to comment *sigh*. At least I was nicer about it..

lindee325 1

^^^ he's replacing of for if

Should've just thrown the rest of the burger at him.

Unless it was The Flash on a bender, you should have been able to prevent that from happening. You're either a three-toed sloth or you're an idiot.

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I believe op had a wtf is this really happening right now!?!? Reaction.

TheDrifter 23

I'm feeling optimistic today, so I will go with the possibility that this was not the night's first liquor run and op might have been more wasted than the guy eating her burger.

monkiki62 5

What's wrong with sloths? They are cute. ;)

9, That's not true at all. If they were sitting down for example it would be very easy to lean over them and bite while they weren't paying attention or looking the other way. Besides, whether or not they could have prevented it from happening means little to nothing when you consider it shouldn't have been done in the first place. Not everyone will respond the same way, don't be a douche.

zingline89 18

I'd be happy that those are the buns he chose to bite.