By pantydropper - 17/04/2013 19:01 - United States

Today, I grabbed a pair of pants from the dryer in a hurry, trying to make it to the bank. When I rushed in, I felt something fall down my leg. It was a pair of my mom's granny panties that had been stuck inside my jeans. I kicked them aside, hoping no one would notice. They did. FML
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#5, that might not be a woman. You might get a surprise on your wedding night ;)

And the granny strikes again!


I hope they didn't think it was a gun.......

#5, that might not be a woman. You might get a surprise on your wedding night ;)

5- I want to shoot guns that are shaped like panties.

@11 You probably want to borrow Panty's panties.

@34 Don't worry, I got the Panty and Stocking reference.

It's really too bad that more people didn't get the Panty and Stocking reference. For those too lazy to look it up, Panty and Stocking is a cartoon series, where the main characters have clothing parts that turn into weapons. Panty turns underwear into pistols.

The solution to the gun control debate?

Panty guns would be awesome.

And the granny strikes again!

I am wondering why they were "sticky" and in your pants. You aren't having any Oedipal fantasies, now, are you?

Static from the drier? I find random clothes in other clothes every now and then. That, or OP's mom was wearing those pants at some point.

Eew! That would mean they were dirty.

It didn't help when one guy yelled, "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!"

Gool? Gol? Goll? Am I missing something?

#44, "gol" is "goal" in Spanish. Andres Cantor and others scream the long "GOOOOOL!" in Spanish-language soccer broadcasts. Now that I explained it, are you laughing your ass off?

Yes in fact I am pedrix, another good one!

Good job getting along with that that typo over there. Did you you notice that I said "that" twice?

Read before you reply. It's been explained and is not a typo.

You can also bank on the fact that you're dignity slid down, too.

As shaggy said "It wasn't me"

Ruh roh shaggy!

Scooby, wrong Shaggy

That's funny because I found your fingerprints as wells as handprints all over the evidence.

Fingerprints and handprints? I'm sure the only wrong place Shaggy's hands where on were other women. That's one determined girlfriend to prove it was him!

Scoowby scoowby dooooo!

At least it wasn't the other way around...

Jeans falling out of underwear? You'd have to be one fat dude to fit a pair of pants in those

Or maybe a possessed pair of granny panties flying up a jean pant leg.

Don't knock it until you try it. I wear my underwear over my jeans and pretend to be a superhero. The love stricken sighs I receive make it totally worth it.

"Pretend..." Sure Clark...

Shh. We must maintain anonymity.

Am i the only one waiting for #7 to jump in amd explain what she meant?

49 - still waiting, and very curious

It's embarrassing but nothing to bad to worry about I hope you just laughed it off

Happens to the best of us! My boyfriend had my thong fall out of his pants at work..!

This happened to me with my dads underwear when I was in front of my first grade class. Talk about scarred for life.

I hope you brought the panties back for your mom. I would be upset if one of mine went missing...

Dude you should've played it off and said you were banging one of the guys that noticed mums' that would've been badass :D

She's a chick....but I guess it could still work.

My bad, my bad, I thought it was a guy that got pantsed. Butt still, she could've gassed over it and made it less frilly. (and I'm using the mobile app so I can't exit my message, they should fix that problem)