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Today, my mom tried to give me the sex talk, while I was mounting my boyfriend. FML
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Why would u try n mount ur boyfriend in front of ur mom


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Why did your mom see that!!! It's your fault for having public sex NEAR YOUR MOTHER

Wow. You crazy kids, how about instead of moaning show her some respect

I guess this isone of the cases where "better late than never" doesn't apply.

Sounds like something that would come out in American Pie

I keep thinking she continued to mount him while her mom tried to talk

Now I can't get the image of her having sex while her mom is just talking like nothing's going on.

shanemaximo 7

I'm going to give OP the benefit of the doubt and not immediately assume she is an exhibitionist sexual deviate with incestuous tendencies. I'm hoping this situation came about with either OP's mom walking in post-mount with some late motherly info. Or it was over the phone. Christ I hope so.

Sounds like a cheesy **** story line in your sense 1..where she is giving her the sex talk, then she no you're doing him wrong let me show you....those are...just...ew

ilikeboys31 7

Since she said "while I was mounting" I'm going to assume that her mother called as she was about to have sex with her boyfriend. Now I could be wrong, but I'm hoping that's the case. Any other possibility would be rather... Awkward.

73, I think the scary thing is that you seem to have been able to get it before. Did they finally crack down on your spy camera network?

cunningchick 1

Hey, I might know you...any chance I could get a name? I'm from indiana aswell and you just might know my brother,

262 - he is joking because you said 'Now I can't get the image of her having sex...' as though you could get the image before. I read downtimes' comment and had to go re-read yours and actually lolled a little bit.

I'd only be ok if it was a stepmom and she was above a 6. That's the only way.

242- Hey! We both live on the Earth! Don't I know your mom??

Joey_Bellows 1

I think I saw this in a **** once, it ended rather well.

Same can't be said for abortion! Knuck knuck knuck!!! XD

It's never too awkward either, apparently!!

wolfshadow 4

And it's never to late for now. Obviously the boyfriend did this on purpose, he wanted the mother to come in so his girlfriend would ask the mom to join. Then he'd have both :p

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Why would u try n mount ur boyfriend in front of ur mom

*why would you try and mount your boyfriend in front of your mom.

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It never crossed your mind that her mom might have walked in after the mounting part had already started?

76 It's a joke about the wording of the fml.

Well, I'm assuming she had her close off so she was already dedicated, just got to keep going and don't stop.

boundbytheanimus 9

*Why would you try to mount your boyfriend in front of your mom?

I just realized I spelled clothes wrong in my earlier statement... I feel stupid

Missy, I think we are not the stupid ones here. All of the above repetitions of sentences are corrections of the primary thread poster's (#5), grammar and spelling. Side not:*came not cake.

Side-side note: note, not "not". Since we're all being grammar Nazi's here. OMG, good response ruined

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Goddamn, what a fail of a thread!

117- I completely refuse to take you seriously. You are calling other people stupid when you misspell "came" and lack comma use. And really, you had to use "Omg" and "obvs" in the same sentence? You could at least try to sound intelligent. Or are you incapable of doing that?

drawmesunshine 17

5, I was going to guess OP wanted a hands-on learning experience.

drawmesunshine 17

151 Side side note note not not Makes me happy inside (:

117, the last time I checked you are meant to be 14 to sign up here. You should also not try and call people stupid when you aren't intelligent enough to notice what they were talking about, I won't have a go over the ale thing as that could just be a typo but your complete miss of the meaning is enough to warrant not commenting on the intelligence of others. Read twice, think and then post in the future.

185- Who cares if you're smart or not? Either way, who are you to call people stupid? I am positive there are many people on here that are quite intelligent. The intelligent people don't type like this- "omg it's so obvs that ur crzy." I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the smartest person on the planet. I don't go around bashing people by calling them stupid. I think the bleach has seeped into your brain.

185, you still managed to miss the point completely and call someone stupid whilst doing it. Doing well in school doesn't make you automatically intelligent, some of the smartest people I know are completely stupid without a pen.

I agree with 191 and 196, i don't go around talking like an illiterate teenager like most do these days, and i'm not the best in school but i am a lot smarter than my friends who have high grades

Im calling trolololol on missy I don't think people are really like her. I hope people aren't really like her.

Ok missy215, I'm not trying to be mean here, but it is perfectly viable for people to judge you based on how you type (which perfectly reflects how you talk out loud). I suggest you stop talking like the stereotypical teenage girl, because soon enough the people who will be judging you based on how you talk will be the people who decide if you get a job or not. And you won't get a decent job if you continue to say "like" multiple times in the same sentence (just an example). So please, for your futures sake, grow up.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

She's THIRTEEN, cut her some slack. Yes, I know a lot of you probably weren't like that even when they were her age, and neither was I, but that's not the case for everyone. She's got quite a lot of time to "grow up". She barely just hit her teens, for ****'s sake. And I don't see why you're acting all butthurt over her calling someone stupid (191), when we all do it on a regular basis here, and much worse. Sure, it was ironic, but do we really need to make such a big deal out of it? Thumb down, move along.

Are up guys really going to tell her to "grow up" because she said like a lot? Someone else needs to grow up.. I hate bad grammar as much as the rest of you do, but really? It's unnecessary.

Do you guys realize how stupid this is? You are arguing about intelligence over the internet, with people you will probably never meet, and for all you know anyone here could be a old man messing with people and thinking it's funny. Honestly, starting fights on the internet is all around stupid. I am not in any way saying you people are stupid. Just because you do something stupid doesn't mean that that one thing is how that person is all the time. Go ahead, thumbs down my comment but it's the truth.

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*Why would you try to mount your boyfriend in front of your mom?

That's what I'm saying why in front of ur mom ?

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Why should 252 get down thumbs ? She ******* corrected them both with the question mark D:<

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F.A.I.L. What does that spell? Idiot.

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I like that it doesn't spell idiot. (: Lolololol mom's are the best at doing stuff like that...

99- Ummm, let me think... No you **** tart it could not because that would spell F.A.E.L.

Fictitious and irrelevant ludicrous?

119- **** tart? Well! Kellogg's is getting awfully creative! I bet **** tarts taste great.

ummm #8 im pretty sure F.A.I.L. spells fail not idiot

154rct 7

157- ah yes thank you for clarifying. You should stop reading twilight, your comment was like the books; boring, obvious and unnecessary.

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Wow y'all r all stupid. I ******* know it spells FAIL not idiot. It's a joke. Jesus Christ.

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Forensic anomalies improve limbo

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Well.. That.. Must have been.. Awkward.. *gag* doing it in front of your mom..

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Starman02, I think I love you

Whats even creepier is I live in Edmonton Canada as well. O.O west edmonton mall all the waaaay! :D

Kemando you must update us when you complete your rape quest.

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Lol y'all are nuts haha, she's just another girl. Plenty of her around, just she punches sharks and loves piglets lol

Uhmmm i want to steal her time machine plans? Duh.

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Wtf? Why was she in the same room as u?

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36 ... idk abt 12 but i lrnd 2 spl frm txt msgs ... Evry wrd n 4 ltrs or lss ! Osm !