By Anonymous - 13/06/2015 01:56 - United States - Ithaca

Today, my mother told me to take a quick shower. When I got out, she told me I took too long, and now I have to pay the utilities bill. My shower was two minutes long. FML
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I really think you should call Guinness World records.

Next time put a timer for your mother...


Maybe she was just joking? If not, maybe she should shower.

Why should she shower??

cuz some dirty ideas have fallen on her head

She's showering you her love.

I knew this would come

And you're sure your mom was dead serious? It sounds like something my parents would do as a joke...

Welp, looks like you're gonna be taking sink and deodorant showers from now on.

One does not simply take a "soap" or "deodorant" shower.

Pits, privates, and face (and fat folds if you have them) in the sink, then a light spritz of deodorant in the pits. Works surprisingly well.

I take PTA showers all the time. Pits, tits, and ass. Sometimes it's all that is needed. Yes, I promise I have good hygiene.

I appreciate the backup, sometimes there's just not enough time to wash everywhere, and if you shower regularly, how dirty are you gonna get?

Next time put a timer for your mother...

Hopefully she'll believe you then. My crazy step mom thought I altered my time clock on my iPhone....

Watch her take 30 minuet showers now that you are paying.. Sorry OP that sucks

ScarredFlame 17

if a two minute shower is not quick, I don't know what is!

RockstarJAy 16

I like the Fennekon in your profile picture!

Motherly love!

How does one take 2 min showers in the first place? I wouldn't be able to D: I really hope she was kidding!

I really think you should call Guinness World records.