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  nalia18  |  8

Put your siblings to the test? Wth is thst supposed to do? Make your family fall sexually in love with you? Thats way to much love for ome person to handle

  BRLHP  |  24

I am relaxed, funny how all the people on the Internet interpret things into anger. Idiots don't understand that someone can be calm and say rude things.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

It's ok, BRLHP, people have been missing jokes left and right today. I know there are those thinking "Well it wasn't funny", but just because you didn't find it funny doesn't mean it wasn't a joke. It's strange that people assume only two options - funny joke, or 100% dead serious. Who decided that there can't be such a thing as unfunny yet non-serious comments?

  nalia18  |  8

Uhm... I just dont like the idea of making out with my brother thats all... You made it sound like you wanted to play house meaning "the loner brother meets whore sister" situations... Some sick show on dateline... Bleehhh

  My_Nightmare  |  19

Agreed, 83. I hate when people will take the time to comment but fail to read the previous comments in order to avoid duplicate comments, resulting in the dreaded "thumbs down"

  Llamassss  |  21

1's comment reminds me of a really screwed up version of Beauty and the Beast.
"Be our guest! Be our guest!
Put our service to the test."

  chinkychick  |  16

Me too. How sad is it when you comment on something and another person said the same thing, and the only difference was that they posted a couple of seconds earlier than you. Sad :(

By  rikitsumiatsu  |  11

he was just trying to show you some love.... a little too much love but he was just telling you how much he missed you... or he's got issues choose whichever makes you feel better

By  stevenJB  |  25

He doesn't know what having a sister is like so don't blame him.