By Kat - United States
  Today, I went out to dinner with my brother. There was a very attractive man sitting a few tables away who kept glancing at me. When my brother excused himself to the bathroom, the man worked up the courage to come over and introduce himself to me. He asked me if my brother was single. FML
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By  cpatrick820  |  3

You're right. The gay guy should have wanted to date you.

#7, why would he avoid starbucks because of that? I've been hit on by a lot of gay dudes, and I usually take it as a compliment.

Only time I didn't is when the guy actually grabbed my ass. Then shit got personal

  chick16  |  0

@81... well, really, when the person posted that the good guys are taken or gay, it was sort of a compliment to gay guys. the idea that all good guys are taken or gay, means that a lot of good guys are gay. and it bashes straight single guys by saying that they're not good enough.
least, thats how i can see it.

  jncwmnd  |  0

#2 fail is it an FML that you thought a gay guy was hot?? not like you walked up to him or even asked him out or anything, then i suppose it would be a little worst..but omg get over it

  Finnboghi  |  0

I'm there, these FMLs are more and more about people getting their feelings hurt than their lives fucked.

Check some of my favourites; those are real FMLs.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

Hahahaha. This happened to my best friend and his twin sister. Only it was at Starbucks and the guy worked the register. It ended when the guy asked for his number and wanted to take him out for dinner and a movie.

He's never been to a Starbucks again.