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  Pabs24  |  0

That's actually not weird. It has something to do with your genes, I learned about it in Biology class recently. Even if you don't want to reproduce with your brother, you might want to reproduce or 'date' someone who has the same characteristics as your brother. Something to do with genes. Idk.

  Cmdr_Shepard  |  17

Internet nerds, especially from a site that rhymes with "more fan", like to spam "WIN" and they noticed that all you have to do is add a w to incest to make it "WIN"cest. Plus, the idea of referring to a social taboo as "win" is irresistible to internet nerds. Therefore, any time sexual attraction between blood relatives is even remotely suggested, it is a rule that we have to spam INCEST MORE LIKE WINCEST.

  Daralea  |  21

Of course she does! Else the entire online dating system will collapse and the resulting implosion will create a mini universe where the earth is hotter than the sun and pizzas eat people.

By  Rei_Ayanami  |  18

Wincest, I guess. It's fine enough, the kids won't have any real issues, that's only in about 3rd generation continued wincest.

But move to Kentucky, it's more accepted there.

  kschick10119  |  5

Why did my comment get thumbe down? I wasn't saying we wouldn't accept them. I was saying that just because they're from Kansas, it doesn't mean they want to date their family member. We're not all inbred like everyone seems to think!

  garrett9190  |  0

dear northern idiots and anyone else who feels that Kentucky and incest go hand in hand,
I would love to be told this to my face.. I am also from Kentucky. being from the south does not mean you par take in incest, it just means we can kick a** and were not afraid to do so.! I'm speaking for anybody who lives in any of the states of the south.