By inthecold - 19/02/2011 05:41 - United States

Today, I went to a party 40 minutes away by bus with some friends. We missed the bus, waited half an hour for the second, and arrived just in time to hear the policemen say, "Party's over. Get outta here." FML
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So the FML here is that instead of sitting in a jail cell and having to have your parents come get you, you had to take the bus home again? Could have been so much worse!

There should be a "How the hell is this an FML" button


Really? They just wasted at least two hours of their day and some money just to be told to go home. Their life might not be astronomically over, but that isn't the point of this website anyways.

Hmmm... usually if you're taking the bus it means you don't have car. Usually if you don't have a car it's because you don't have a license. Usually when you don't have a license, you are below the age of 16. OP was most likely under the age of sixteen. Cops showed up meaning that something wild was going on, and I'm sure OP knew what would be at the party (alcohol, maybe drugs). In short YDI. Karma's a bitch.

Maybe they simply didn't want to risk the lives of themselves and others by driving drunk...

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Actually in a lot of college towns people take the bus a lot. I have a car but I take the bus all the time cuz it's free. Also, the number one reason I've seen parties get busted is cuz of a noise complaint. So it doesn't mean there were tons of illegal activity going on, although it's a possibility.

Well I highly dout this person is 16. In Denver, a lot of people take the bus or rides a bike. The OP, was probably seeing a friend in Boulder, then missed the bus. Boulder police tends to be annoying.

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77 obviously you live in boulder, not Denver. Not a lot of people take the bus in Denver. They all drive. and it's definitely rare to see someone riding a bike to somewhere.

hey it happens. so k though.

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something similar to this happened to me

I'm sorry to hear this

so why didn't you party I don't get it

cops shut it down as they were arriving.

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What's not to get. When they got there the police were there and told them to go home

so they could just keep partyyyying

and get arrested good idea

why would he get arrested

disturbing the police. plus I'm sure ignoring the warnings from police would help them get arrested also

I meant disturbing the peace, iPhone auto correct :/

u know u can turn that pesky iphone auto correct off

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after party at my house! :D haha

atomic mate your dog maple made me laugh more than today's fmls

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If you fit yes, we humans inside. :D

atomicJ 0

Why thank you kind sir. my dog is 2 awesome! :D

does he really fetch 20 bucks ? what's the command

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No she really does fetch bills. There is no command, if she sees my wallet with a bill sticking out she will grab it and just hold onto it staring at me. I have a video of her not dropping the bill for a good 5 minutes until I finally forced her to give it to me. Only because I heard the ice cream truck!

what a cool dog the picture looks do cute

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haha thank you.

at least he didn't arrest you all for loitering

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the party wasn't all that good anyway

And how would you know?

most parties are like that if it's late loud music alot of people and if any under age drinking

it happens all the time.. I know how you feel.. but hey party is what you make not where u go!! :)

it's a party in the U-S-A!!!