By TiredMom - 16/02/2012 21:42 - United States

Today, after finally getting my newborn baby to sleep, I made a sign to put on the door asking people not to knock or ring the bell, since our 3 dogs will bark loudly and wake the baby. When I went to print the sign, my dogs barked like crazy at the sound of the printer. FML
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I_Hug_Cats 26

Why not hand write it?

Or just use paper and a marker


Next time do that before you put the baby to sleep(x

Or use a writing utensil instead, saves a lot of trouble!

Blackmail111 9

^^^Bad future parent

^^no sense of humor.

2ndSucks 15

You've already failed this argument on a previous thread. I suggest not trying it again.

I suggest you stfu

I suggest you stop, BRLHP...

2ndSucks 15

Oh, so defensive! I was simply giving advice, chill your life. Or keep arguing, it's fairly entertaining.

HolyPotato 9

Get rid of the dogs.

Ole Yeller Pt. 2

or instead of getting rid of them, obtain three bark collars.

Or just use paper and a marker

Your baby will get used to the dogs, people unfortunately won't get used to you having a baby around.

Sell the dogs for meth.

ToxicxKitten 9

Get rid of the baby.

133- sure.. Someone would actually get rid their own flesh and blood for 3 energetic dogs. You're only 16, so you probably wouldn't understand. I'm the oldest of 4 and I know how it feels like to stay up all ends of the night helping to tend to a newborn. So Op wanting to post a sign to warn others of not waking the baby is completely understandable. Just incase you didn't know: a baby, especially newborns, cry because they're unfamiliar with the world and their natural instinct is to make loud noises when they feel unsafe, or uncomfortable (ex: hungry, needs a change, etc.)

marisadc79 0

Dear God I weep for the future of our youth with the comment from DrJesse there, wow

audiophileMom 11

Wow... Really? 1 gets thumbed down for making sense? Can't deserve it more than OP. Poor baby!!! Get rid of the canine or behave them.

148 - heard of a joke? And you're 17 so you can't really down on him since he's "only 16"

Why not just use a crayon to make it?

dsbs 9

148- cool story Bro

juststoptalking 6

I agree. why do u have 3 dogs if u r FMLing at them barking

Straight up. Get rid of the source of the problem.

I totally agree. Honesty I think the child is more important than 3 retarded dogs.

How do you know thats why they do it? Did you ASK the little ugly maggots?

alphatoomega 21

#1, that's what I came here to say. I don't know why that comment is.getting thumbed down. Seems perfectly logical if they're causing that big a problem.

toenibbler 14

You now have a sign for future use, use it.

Could have used and fancy marker they even make a silencer for them

a hand written sign was out of question?

dancer050 0


Indeed. Next time use a pen.

Tweekz14 5

Shove the dogs faces into each others ass, that should keep em quiet

61 that totally matches your profile pic!

Tweekz14 5

That was the point but I guess everyone thought otherwise

stevenJB 25

Well...don't worry it'll get better in time OP :)

And that is why you make hot dogs out of your dogs.

GoW_Chick 14

Only if they're dachshund's(sp?) will that work...

GoW_Chick 14

Only if they're dachshund's(sp?) will that work...

Downvoted solely for that meme avatar.

Congrats on your baby! Dogs are crazy lol

Blackmail111 9

Bitches be crazy

I see wut u did, thar

Don't dogs just bark when someone's at the door anyway?

TheClumsiest 0

now the man downstairs really can't sleep.

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I think you need to shush up

Probably not the best time to have dogs.

2ndSucks 15

Right, it would be much more logical to get rid of all your pets each time the kid takes a nap.

dsbs 9

What can dogs do that kids can't? All they do is complain, whine, and sleep. Dogs can save hurricane survivors, chase convicts, and provide protection

juststoptalking 6

Shut the **** up!!

124: Apparently you didn't understand what I was saying, next time think before you make yourself a dumb***

221: But if her dogs bark alot it's not the best idea to have them when you have a baby.