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Today, I was woken up by my step brother trying to put his tongue in my mouth. FML
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strawberrydreams 18

That's totally not disturbing at all.

O_O hey be lucky it was someone you knew.......even though that's still pretty creepy lol. sorry chica. FYL.


KiddNYC1O 20

He's probably sniffing her panties too, for all we know.

Could have been worse. At least he only went for your mouth

"Morning. Breakfast is downstairs." - Step Brother after waking up brother awkwardly.

Takador 3

If they're both guys, then thats hot; if OP is a girl... thats just wrong and nasty!

2ndSucks 15

Agreeing with 200... Both guys and im going to want a nice video to go with this fml, por favor.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

next he'll try with his dick and not his tongue. btw fyl :(

ibitehard 9

216, not only will he be using his dick, he will also be humming the Jaws the song xD who remembers that??

hoodasswhitekid 0

Today, while tongue wrestling with my sister, she woke up, FML

FailJr 0

I fail to see the problem here.

skyhawkvd 0
Xx_Dakota_xX 1

234- ha lol that would be hilarious, she'll wake up and be like wtf?

O_O hey be lucky it was someone you knew.......even though that's still pretty creepy lol. sorry chica. FYL.

tittymagic 0

Guess what bitches?!!!? I got a 5 on my AP Chemistry exam!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeeee!

JustinThunder 8

What's wrong with doing that? I do it all the time.

hey im not saying its WRONG. its just a LITTLE creepy when u think about it :P

Alwayspullout 7

and not even from Arkansas or Florida...

athena3100 9

lol is anyone else thinkin about clueless?

iFizzgig 11
omgcookeys 15

I hope you're a girl. it's still creepy but if you're a guy, it's beyond creepy.

Feedmyaddiction5 14
maz255 10

i find this hard to ********** to..

maz255 10

i find this hard to ********** to..

wild_n_out 8

is that suppose to be funny?

garrettsgirl 0

that sounds completely normal..... NOT

124- I assume you always ********** while on FML?

Darklord53 0

166- no but when I do I make it count ;)

It's not incest because they're not related...

I don't often ********** on fml, but when I do, I prefer dos equis

ahaha the most interesting man in the world!

maz255 10

166 maybe...your point? dont you judge me...

maz255 10 are my new favorite person...

Aaronftw 0

no its a step bro no blood relation

Are you kidding me 32? It's totally f***ing GROSS!

sassypants93 17

It's a little thing called sarcasm. Get used to it if you plan on staying on this site.

jjkiss 0

#81 it's not incest incest is only for blood related people but that's still really weird

imagine the look on the parents faces once they hear that they have gotten married XP

bfsd42 20

someone said that waking up to a kiss is yummy, well if you like the smell of morning breath then enjoy!

omg, now that you bring it up yes I am thinking about clueless!!!!

you try to make out with sleeping family members?

It's happened to me too... Only he wasn't my stepbrother, but my friends really young stepbrother...

strawberrydreams 18

That's totally not disturbing at all.

Lauren10102 3

Not as disturbing as your picture... I never understood what the point of erotic anime was...

it'd be worse if it was your step sister

chaoticnh 0

erotic drawings and cartoons tho? that's like connecting with your inner child while doing the five knuckle shuffle. da ****

maz255 10

i find this hard to ********** to..

Demonyx 6

that pic isn't necessarily from any erotic anime it's pretty much par for the course for most anime in general

Demonyx 6

and anime is anime not just cartoons it's not specifically for children it gives the creators much more freedom on where they want the story to go because if you tried to make half the anime out there with human actors they'd be infinitely goofier parodies of the originals with soap opera style acting and tons of vinyl, plastic and spandex costumes, like power rangers on crack trying to be a serious show

he was just trying to have his first kiss ok, don't be too hard on the guy :P

I remember my first kiss... don't worry it wasn't with relative

121- You're not trying hard enough. ;)

he found an opportunity and he took it, better watch out next time he will stick his D_ _k inside your mouth??

Imagine if that was your step brother, ew ew ew

And how exactly does that make you feel, OP?

irishman1733 0

just gotta be thankful it was just his tongue

lol cuz if it was his pe pe then that's rape.

I wouldn't call it incest. I would call it funcest

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Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were both blood-related. If I had a stepsister who was hot, I'd make a successful first lady outta her

newjerseyguy 0

you make a very good point. not blood related so it's all good

Exactly! If he's attractive, just go with it. lol! Now you know who you can tale out sexual frustration on.


that still counts as incest

ImmortalKratos 0

actually in some states it does and is illegal. also with step dads and step daughters or vice versa

sxe_beast 11

"sexual intercourse between closely related persons" This is fairly broad and I'm pretty sure a step sibling falls into "closely related persons". Or well in eyes of the law.

The law varies dramatically on this topic. Best do your own homework.

chaoticnh 0

I don't know why you want to do homework for hooking up with a step sibling or someone related to you?

It was just a tongue! Had it been an aardvark tongue... well, it still wouldn't be incest...


in my state it does so that's what I go by

swift1fan4ever 0

I got kicked out of my house because of being with my step brother who I was dating wayyy before my dad and his mom got married we had been together for 2 years and we don't rele care they can suck a big one :) it's not insest

pimpdaddy113 0

O_O hey at least it was someone you knew........even though it's still pretty creepy lol. Sorry chica. FYL.

you already said that. quit wasting life

2ndSucks 15

I'm fairly certain the double post was a mistake. Chill out.

97 - they have different words, it was purposely.

107-Maybe they thought that their comment wasn't posted, so it could have been accidental.

2ndSucks 15

Its almost the exact same thing. There are maybe 1 or 2 words changed. They probably just didn't see that the comment had posted.

yeah, she's probably using an iphone, comments sometimes doesn't register right away, you would have to refresh it to see. Maybe she just forgot to refresh it. Anyways quit hatin!

salh 2

in most browser refreshing resends the data ;P

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TBMFan 0

Lol , MightBe Checking In The Right spot ;P

transcedental 18

Everyone knows that candy is hidden elsewhere *evil laughter*

enjoy it, it's not illegal if ur not related by it??