By gumpy - 25/02/2011 20:37 - United States

Today, I lost a glove while snowboarding. I got off my board to find it, when a bunch of kids took the opportunity to kick my snowboard down the hill, while yelling "Run, Forrest, run!" as I frantically chased after it. FML
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Find the kid and beat the shit out of him stop being a little bitch

perdix 29

Well, stupid is as stupid does. When you catch it, treat yourself to a box of chocolates and a Dr. Pepper.


dirtyblond 4

FOREST Definition: A person who doesn't **** around. Is very tall and very big. Always carry's a weapon with him. He is able to knock someone out with one blow to the face. When you see a Forest, you run. Example: "What happened to you?!" "This Forest came out of nowhere and kicked the shit out of me."

Op at least you get to go snowboarding!(: It was like 80-something here yesterday! Im so glad it was chilly again today(:

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Yea.....that's what he said, 65.

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Am I the only one annoyed by dirtyblonde?....Now she will attempt to create another witty comment, likely another definition.

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I think she's copy and pasting from urban dictionary or something.

I thought it was a humerous definition. And everyone likes a dirty blonde

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yeah dirtyblond dose piss me off, I have herd all her "definitions" before from other people.

ya sorry hun (dirty blond) but your definition was pathetic. it was put on an online source by some loser who wants to create a false persona on a website for those with the name forest. and he did this for dumbass's like you. almost forgot....isn't run forest run, and the forest I was referring to from the movie FOREST gump. ya thought so

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Find the kid and beat the shit out of him stop being a little bitch

Temi25 6

omg op is a girl, that was really mean i wonder if she ever found her glove

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Definition: The creation of satan. designed to destroy the existence of mankind. Example: Proof that girls are evil: First, girls need time and money: Girl = Time * Money And we know that time is money: Girl = Money * Money We also know that money is the root of all evil: Money = Evil ^ 1/2 Therefore: Money ^ 2 = Evil So we are forced to conclude that: Girl = Evil

dirtyblond, please stop, writing crappy definitions doesn't make you intelligent or clever, because you most likely copied it off urban dictionary.

remember Forrest life is like a Box of chocolates u never know what ur gonna get

Chill, she can post whatever she wants. Besides, I think she's pretty funny sometimes

srgsk9 9

+1, Except I'd have thrown one down the hill and make THEM chase it.

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we know what Mj would want in order to get the glove back... a little boy. so unless you have a little brother ur sol

Why did you have to "frantically chase after" it? Where was it going besides the bottom of the hill? Was it your ride home? What-?

Maybe because those things are really expensive and running down a hill in snow gear is really uncomfortable/hard compared to being on a board?

Maybe it was a large hill with a lot of trees. I'd hate to walk down a large hill when I could just snowboard down it or never find it again because it was lost among the trees.

It must have been a special polymer made of Jesus c*m and sunshine shit.

buchikiki 0

dude. letting a board down a hill is dangerous to everyone else. it can pick up speed pretty fast and could knock people off or something. idk, i'd be scared of a loose board sliding down towards me, lol.

TayonaC 10

man now I feel bad. I just made fun of a dead wom... man. how could I do such a thing?

BellaMarta 19

Or maybe going out in the snow with a bare hand would have been unbearably cold.

hellogoodbye1996 6

well actually you have to wear a glove because when your going really fast down a hill it can be dangerous not to wear a glove. if you fell that ice will cut your hand up really bad.

perdix 29

Well, stupid is as stupid does. When you catch it, treat yourself to a box of chocolates and a Dr. Pepper.

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really ahahha you should have made some stupid comment backk lol