By NoMoreMeatForAYear - 21/05/2014 21:23 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I found out that just because my roommate doesn't buy alcohol, it doesn't mean she isn't stealing mine and slowly replacing it with water. That bottle cost me $150 and was destined to be a present for my best friend, whom I haven't seen in years. FML
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Get your roommate to pay you back then, OP. Or you may want to get them some serious drinking help...

Find another roommate OP.


Find another roommate OP.

Agreed! Something tells me that OPs roommate isn't exactly the most intelligent person. If she keeps stealing little bits at a time and then replacing it with water, she ends up stealing the watered down liquor... My guess is one of two things is going on. 1, either OPs roommate stole a bunch at once and then added water (in which case OP just misunderstood the situation when posting this) or 2, OPs roommate is stupid for stealing little bits at a time and then continuing to steal the watered down liquor lol

Good thing you found out OP. It would have been embarassing if you gave the gift without knowing. And now make your roomie pay for a new one.

Get your roommate to pay you back then, OP. Or you may want to get them some serious drinking help...

Sneaky little thief :p

Or do what I did. I had a room mate who did this to me who had an allergy. The next time they mooched off my stuff they had a breakout :) They stopped doing it

I have allergies, life-threatening at that... I'll never steal.

Your roommate needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

Why can't all roommates just be respectful of your own stuff ugh.

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Calm down there, no need to get feisty.

Surprisingly not everyone is selfish and rude enough to steal their roommates stuff.

Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that 14 may be one of those roommates? I mean I could be completely wrong. Animosity could just be strong in this one over experiencing a really horrible roommate. Ether way sorry OP that really effin sucks! FYL for sure.

piss in empty corona or tequila bottles. they'll never know.

#70 now why would you want to do that?

So that the roommate will drink the piss without knowing it and get a little taste of payback.

Honestly, if they don't know, is there much of a point? I mean, keeping the secret is difficult sometimes, especially when you desire a reaction.

I would talk to him/her about it. Hopefully they'll have a change of mind.

Something tells me that they can't really change their mind here and return the stolen (and consumed) alcohol lol but! They could hopefully replace it with the exact some bottle! (brand new of course)

Somehow I don't think giving them an encouraging talk will stop them.

Leave empty bottles around and fill em with urine. Boom.

Yes, because bottles are empty when filled with piss.

And because it isn't very obvious when something has pee in it...

If OP drinks large amounts of water her pee will be clear, which could be mistaken for alcohol

Even if you don't drink a lot, your pee can still be the same color as a lot of beer and different liquors.

Nineteen eighty-pee...a good year.

I've seen pee that looks like wine. It can come in all sorts of fun colors. Green, cranberry juice-looking, blue... It can definitely look like a light beer. Dumb and Dumber taught us that.

piss in empty corona or tequila bottles. they'll never know lol

If your pee looks like cranberry juice, see a doctor immediately.

Can't beets and a few other select foods make your urine a pinkish-reddish color though?

Chocolate laxative in brownies. You're welcome :)

Bake brownies but put chocolate laxatives in the batter...

What are chocolate laxatives?

Laxatives that are chocolate. What the fuck did you think they were?

Replace their water with vodka...

Who really wins in that situation?

How can she do that when her vodka is getting stolen?

I guess so, the initial reaction would make a good vine though aha. Maybe salt water would work better anyway

Why does everything have to be filmed to go online?

Who said anything about being filmed?

#57 nobody, I just thought it would make a good video...

You might want to find a new place, either hidden or inaccessible to her, to store any alcohol. I'm thinking a mini fridge or cabinet with a lock.

I'd kick her out then and there, but I have zero tolerance for stealing. If it's not an option, I'd refil the bottle with vinegar. Nasty shock for her if she does it again.

Yea i guess you could say there would definatly be full of vinegar Come on anyone gets the reference? Please??

If your comment made even a shred of sense, then perhaps. But as far as I can tell, I don't see the reference.