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  NewLight8421  |  0

agree with #2 why the f*** would you wear flippys on a skii lift?!?
my first ydi fml..... YDI FOR WEARING FLIPPY FLOPS!!!
man i feel guilty for saying ydi now... but ydi

  lexilovesyou  |  0

I like how you replied to number one to be at the top. :P
Yeah why are you wearing flipflops!?
I think this is a fake one.
If your on a ski lift you have skis on your feet & you dont need the ticket to go down!
This is fake guys!

  bmxx  |  0

y do u need it at the top of the lift? I snowboard an everywhere I went u needed the ticket at the bottom to go up an then u jus go down an show the ticket at the bottom again

  eragon2262  |  6

in some areas, ski lifts are open year round so people can take rides up/down the mountain and see how it looks in the summer, or just to enjoy the ride. that would be why someone would wear flipflops on a ski lift

  caroline9994  |  0

GUYS!! There are places that use ski lifts that you dont acually ski at! Take Stone Mountain Park in Georgia- They use a ski lift sort of thing to get you to the top and bottom of the mountain. You dont ski. Its rocky, and you either climb or take the ski lift.

By  losergirl  |  0

Shoulda kept it in our pocket... I'm going to take it you rode the ski lift during the summer to walk around at the top... not that you wearing flip flops in the snow.


... BC, yes. But skiing no. Obviously they went up the ski lift to see the view from the top of the mountain in SUMMER (that's right people, Canada has actual summer weather, we're not always under ten feet of snow, metling ice to drink water in our igloos, that's really only two moths of the year ;-]).

  heavenandhell  |  0

THANK YOU! i dont understand why its so hard for people to understand we dont live in igloos i get that all the time. People are really stuipd FML for having to live on a planet with idiots

  wArPeD_fml  |  0

omigod yes
i live in the us, but i go to canada every summer. i'm leaving tomorrow. i love it there. so beautiful! warm, but not too hot!

and duh she wasnt skiing. look at the date retards!


By  xoxChels_  |  0

That has happened to me so many times, it sucks that you were wearing flip-flops though.. SO HARD!! And to #4, if you live in British Columbia, Canada, ski resorts are open year round - for mountain biking, horse back riding, etc.

  crackberrie  |  0

lol, we're weird in bc. some people (mainly tourists) will go up the ski lifts in the summer just to see the view. it's very common for people to go up the lifts in their summer clothes, such as flip flops..