By Franigirl - 26/02/2011 05:34 - United States

Today, I had to present a powerpoint in front of my class. When I was finished, no one clapped. On my way back to my seat, I slipped on a pencil and fell straight on my face. That's when everyone clapped. FML
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Did you find your dignity while you were down there?


i would have thrown tomatoes at you, that what i hear the cool kids are doing these days

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it's highly unlikely you'd fall on your face..unless you were walking backwards... so ydi because you're a liar.

It's even more of a fail that it's stauraday. :p

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How do you know that the OP is a liar? Were you there? Did the OP tell you herself? It's "highly unlikely". Even if it were "highly unlikely" as you claim, then there would still be a small chance that it happened. Not everyone slips backwards, sometimes people slip forward depending on their footing. Maybe you should try it some time so that you can bash your skull in on the ground. Then we'll have one less retard in this world. Hmm...I think I'm getting better at this. What do you think, Kay? Doc? Doortje? Anybody? :(

Only because they said "today" doesn't mean It happened today.

I am sorry OP, you must have been so humiliated. Just keep your head up and maybe try to get to know some people in your class. They may not all be so bad.

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It's no big deal. with our society today, they will forget about it soon because they will find something stupid to pick on another person

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P.S, i kind of 50% think this is B.S. i mean cmon when was the last time you heard about someone slipping on a pencil. and i know that people are not the nicest these days but cmon!! of course they would clap unless you powerpoint was TOTAL shit!!

stepping on a pencil isn't so bad, but if you drag your feet and hit a pencil.. shit gets intense

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hey, at least you got applause ;p

I thought about clapping just reading the last line.

sounds like your presentation sucked but they liked how you fell, I guess they liked it when you hurt yourself so maybe your a real jerk and they just never told you to your face.

Sounds like they really wanted to see a magic trick.... But, seriously, why would you expect people to clap at what I presume is a presentation directed at informing/educating rather than entertaining or impressing?

Agreed. Did people clap for anyone else's presentations? Never in school or at work have I ever seen anyone clap at a presentation.

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Really? People clapped after pretty much every presentation in every school I've gone to, though more so in college than high school.