By kerdersty - 30/05/2011 03:27 - Canada

Today, I was snowboarding when a skier cut me off, resulting in me colliding with a 12 year-old girl. The girl was totally fine, and I was alright except for a slight nose bleed. I apologized to the girl, then her mom hit me over the back with a ski pole as I snowboarded away. FML
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malpalll 0

what the fuck. some people have absolutely no self control.

You should have let out a roar and then ran at the mother with a face full of blood.


malpalll 0

what the fuck. some people have absolutely no self control.

stupid 2 plankers thinking they own the hill!

JacksonCampbell 9

OP should've boardslapped the mom.

More like report her for assault and laugh as she gets dragged into custody while her little girl is crying...too evil?

JacksonCampbell 9

No, just boardslap.

Rub your blood all over the mom so that she gets the AIDS that you got from the pretty lady you met on the corner last night.

There are 3x more skier-skier accidents every year than boarder-boarder accidents. And in skier-snowboarder accidents, 85% of the time skiers are to blame. Like 6 said, stupid two plankers!

m0rgana 0

just a but #14

I hate skiers!!! there so lame

Expertfail 0

#24, even if that were true, there are many times more skiers than snowboarders. In skier-snowboarder accidents it's usually the snowboarders fault - they all need to learn some actual control on the slopes rather than just bombing down straight to the park half the time.

OP should have been wearing a helmet

sharkwkrox 0

I couldn't agree more. like what the fuck?

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36 stfu plez. maybe boarders are lame. (they arent i have boarder friends and we get along fine)

Snowboarders suck!

Snowboarders ALWAYS deserve it.

yohooooooo 5

skiers are all queefs. they need to learn how to get the fuck out of the way with their poles. my whole life all the skiers I see are douches.

uncbballwins 0

Snowboarders suck ass. That is all.

24- 96% of statistics are made up on the spot. And why can't skiers and snowboarders just get along? I've got lots if snowboarding friends.

Eh, i hate skiing, and most of my friends are boarders, as am i. But i dont get how a sport can make a certain group of people lame, so stop with the hate (Y)

snickerz01 0

77 maybe we should learn to share? instead of you snowboarders hoging all the room and blaming skiiers for everything.

snickerz01 0

also ima skiier and rarely cut poeple off, and get cut off all the time. and when i do cut people off i apologize and often boarders swear at me loudly. just my experience. my friends however are different. we cut eachother off for fun and laugh at it

snickerz01 0

not all boarders though, some are nice and schtuff. also i thumb down all "boarders suck" comments. because they are retarted

45, I'm a professional snowboard instructor. There aren't that many more skiers than snowboarders. Besides, if a rider is bombing it to the fucking terrain park to do TRICKS, obviously they're going to have some "actual control." Think about it. I have respect for folks who follow the Code, but a lot of skiers are fuckheads who think they own the slopes. Having said that, there are snowboarders who are much the same, but in my experience, douchebag skiers outnumber asshole snowboarders at least 4 to 1. Maybe it's just a Vancouver thing, who knows?

starshine1200 0

What kind of skihill is open at the end of June..?

starshine1200 0


anlhawks 5

#45 69 all you pussy skiers need to fuckin learn that your not the fuckin fairy queens of the slopes and that snowboarders have more skill and we have to have tolerance of you idiots (it doesn't take much to balance on two boards w/ sticks) so stop dissing the snowboarders because you cause all the fuckin problems

#111, well put. #99, the mountain I teach at is open weekends for boarding until Canada Day. Kinda fucked up. Longest it's ever been open, thanks to El Niño, which we really could've used last year for the Olympics...

JacksonCampbell 9

114 - What mountain do you work at?

snickerz01 0

vancouver thing you say? do u pergaps mean whisler?

twogood2betrue 0

Ya darn hippie! Getting along is for chumps!!!

you are completely off basis, it's most always the skiers fault not the boarders.

Not evil enough

PSQ91 6

Could've been worse, just be glad you're ok.

maybe she saw bleeding, her daughter, man on a board... you know

u have gay hair^

Baltimore18 0

you are to cute:)

r u wearing guyliner??

Yeah he should be glad he is ok but still that woman.. D:

anlhawks 5

omg I snowboard and I hate skiiers! they should have separate areas for skiers so they can cut eachother off and not the snowboarders. it's so fckin annoyingg!! I had to purposely fall to not hit this guy who skied in front of me and then STOPPED to turn around and yell @ someone. I was like WTF man.

danyeezy 0

uhh snowboarders are cocky sonsabitches knowing this having lived in south tahoe for 15 years and been in the snow all my life. they come from the east coast and think the own the god damn place. so maybe you should stop stopping in the middle of the fucking slope and move your ass

GreenMaze 0

that's cold.

58, my thoughts exactly!!

You should have let out a roar and then ran at the mother with a face full of blood.

brycereid 0

it's hard to run when your strapped to a snowboard, it's nearly impossible.

Yeah I would have unstrapped my self ASAP and ran at the mother, forcibly take her poles, and start smashing her with them. Equal rights ftw.

That woman would've died if that were me.

damn. if the mom was actually watching, she would've knew that you didn't mean to crash into her daughter. she had no right to make an assumption. that skier also had no right to cut you off.

even if it was his fault, it's still an accident. no reason for assault. if someone accidentally hit your car, most people find a way to act civil. those that punch them in the face get charged. and that is a little more extreme than a snowboard accident.


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Please do explain why they deserve that.

well you can shove your ski's up your ass

what the fucks wrong with you? snowboarders and skiers have equal rights on the hill. except skiers are the fucking assholes that cut everyone off. atleast snowboarders say sorry

the hell are u talking about??? snowboarders generally don't swerve all over the slope like skiers. both cut people off but skiers generally are more bitchy about it. no offense to skiers though!!! just idiots who think snowboarding is more dangerous and disruptive than skiing

54, I like skiing. What are you talking about?

21, you deserve it for your photo, my god you are motarded. Every time I ski I get cut up by these damn skateboarders who can't afford wheels. However, I am man enough to say Bo matter what we will always blame the others, when in fact we are both to blame, we should respect each other's rights to the piste regardless of how you use it. It gets hard to keep that in min when you snow surfers opt not to look around, opt not to give ample space and decide you are top shit.

in my experience snowboarders are the worst. they have no control, cut you off, and lie down in the stupidest places. and bullshit that they say sorry, they normally will yell something along the lines of fuck you. I have been hit by both skiers and snowboarders but in general the skiers that hit me are little kids learning the sport so you cant blame them, the same happens with snowboarders who are just learning the sport, but there are also many asshole boarders that are not beginners that I have been hit by or have been forced to hit them for something stupid they did. so please snowboarders don't do anymore accident starting shit or at least if you have to then don't blame it on the skiers. seriously

fuck u bro everytime I get hurt snowboardin, it's cuz some asshole skier cuts me off. some have the decency to say sorry, but must are complete assholes

fuck u skiers always hit me. last season first run with my new board 2 asian girls holding hands, ON SKIS ran right over my new board. now I have 2 big grooves in my board, they spoke English nd didn't even say thy were sorry. so FUCK SKIERS!!!

uncbballwins 0

I'm a diehard skier and in general, snowboarders cut people off on purpose alot more than skiers. They have less control and generally are more rude about it. Skiers swerve around the hill to maintain control and balance; not to cut people off.

honestly, I prefer snowboarding over skiing. I've been cut off by both skiers and other snowboarders, and they are all apologetic when they hit me. I think that most of the people insulting the other sport are just defending their own. I like snowboarding, but I don't hate skiing

I second that. skiers are very predictable in their movements. you weren't looking around is more like it.

snowboarders do deserve that. they sit down in the middle of the hill and swerve everywhere. I have NEVER had a snowboarder say sorry when they have cut me off. and have you ever skies behind one on a cat track? it's horrible they swerve everywhere

I agree, snowboarders suck.

lexi365 20

#7 has probably never been snowboarding.

lexi365 20

#7 has probably never been snowboarding.

anlhawks 5

#75 you feel that way because your a skier. snowboarders honestly get cut off so much by skiers its not even funny. it sucks because you fuckers cant control yourselves and then say we can't? no, fuk you

7- Oh yeah I must've forgot, going down a mountain in a straight line skateboard style is SOOOOOOO deadly but shishing all over the place isn't dangerous at all. Thanks for reminding me, dicknozzle.

danyeezy 0

they all think their badass and think they own the mountain… maybe if boarders move then we wont get in their way.. what a bunch of potheads

fuck everyone has there own opinions...skiers cut people off more because they have to swerve to maintain balance and snowboarders do it cause its fun...its is is...especially when the skier starts bitching about it and u they cant catch up :p

mtbracing 3

fuck you

didn't the mom hear you apologize if she was right next to her daughter?

Some mothers are crazy. When I was a kid I had an accident involving me running into a smaller girl who was under my sightline and also running. We knocked each other over. I was apologising and making sure she wasn't hurt, we'd just got everything settled when her mother comes round the corner and starts yelling at me. I didn't get a chance to explain. Way to make TWO little girls under the age of seven cry. Again.

trololol snowboarding is for fags

well... now if you have kids you can do stuff like that!! :D