By stupidity - 25/05/2012 19:30 - Switzerland - Geneva

Today, trying to look cool, I threw my coke bottle in the air, and tried to catch it with one hand. I missed and it fell to the floor. Luckily, it wasn't open, but in my unimaginable stupidity, I opened it less than five seconds later. FML
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...Even if you did do it right, it still wouldn't make you look 'cool'.

FMLshark 12

"trying to look cool": The universal YDI phrase.


consequences for dummies.

TheDrifter 23

Attention span of nanoseconds.

"trying to look cool"... YDI

"Today, I was trying to look cool..." *thinks for a moment before clicking YDI*

"Trying to be cool..." I can tell you deserve it already.

Didn't we already learn it's stupid to try to look cool after the guy rolling on the computer chair :/

Rohit281 13

The coke bottle wanted revenge. And it got it.

...Even if you did do it right, it still wouldn't make you look 'cool'.

Well it's clear you do, 31.

So that's what the cool kids do these days..

Flyersfan54 4


ripresno 10

Only one thing could make this Fml better and make Op sound dumber, if OP was eating mentos.

tHeDaRkNeSs006 10

That would have been fantastic!!!!

That doesn't work.

ripresno 10

It happened to my little brother. It does work.

tandem123 6

" trying to look cool" those four words mean instant YDI

Briiyahh 7

Stupid YDI

Damn, your fugly

If you didn't have anything to say then don't, stupid really isn't a substitute ._.

hawkey126 0

That's what you get for trying to look cool!

I throw my Coke up in the air sometimes, Sayin', "Ayo! FML, bro!"

AntonioMontana 0

Pass the cocaine, maricon!

mibrahim01 0

YDI for drinking Coke!

People just get dumber and dumber every day .

KiddNYC1O 20

Now I feel like watching Dumb and Dumber!

SpaceManJuice 7

Who would that have impressed?

The man who is easily Impressed. Or Lloyd and Harry.

How does that make you look cool?

Your profile picture goes with your comment!(: haha:)

9- I swear someone says, "your picture goes with your comment" almost every time you comment on anything, although it is usually true :)

#39 Pika-freakin'-chu. :D

What of it spun right fast, then it flipped ten times and he did catch it?

hawkey126 0

What if you wrote in grammatically correct sentences?

FMLshark 12

"trying to look cool": The universal YDI phrase.

I disagree. I think some people are just so stupid that you just have to feel bad for them. I was gonna hit YDI myself, but then I felt bad cuz the guy is just such an idiot that it can't be all his fault! he must've been dropped as a baby cuz no one gets that stupid by themselves.

FMLshark 12

OP is a female. "A" for effort, though.