By bad luck skier - 30/12/2013 20:28 - United States - Albany

Today, I went skiing. On the first run of the day, a little girl came out of nowhere and crashed into me. I was fine, but she was hurt, so I called the ski patrol. She told him that I deliberately hit her, and got me kicked out. I was there for 10 minutes. I paid for all day. FML
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If you hit little girls while skiing you're gonna have a bad time


If you hit little girls while skiing you're gonna have a bad time

He was probably French frying when he was supposed to pizza

Yeah, but seriously that little girl seemed like a bitch.

If you pay for all day, you're not gonna have a dime

18- I realized that people who haven't skied probably read that and thought you were on something.

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I hope he french fried right over her ass and broke her skis. She deserved it for cutting him off, then lying about it.

#31, I'm pretty sure that was a south park reference.

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French fry and pizza are terms they teach little kids when they start to ski. French fry: keeping your skis straight/parallel. Pizza: skis outward like a pizza wedge to slow down.

#45 Isn't pizza more like skis inward? Like the front of your skis are closer than in the back?

31 I never went skiing he was referencing South Park

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the girl hit OP, not the other way around. get it right yo

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That is what I meant when I said "skis outward" like a pizza wedge. I should have been more specific which ski ends point out and which inwards. I know which way they point and had the image in my mind. Temporarily forgot not everybody on here is familiar with ski terms.

#61, Don't feel bad. I'm pretty sure snowboarding is more difficult than skiing, which is probably why you don't see many little kids rockin' a board.

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I have done both: my experience and friends all agree that skiing is a little easier to learn but takes longer to get good at (for us at least) Snowboarding takes a bit longer to learn. you can get more speed skiing if that is what you like. Cons: skis, ski boots, bindings and poles are alot more expensive vs snowboard gear. Snowboards: if you dont have enough speed built up when going over a relatively flat area before you reach the slope, your momentum stops, then You gotta unbuckle and carry your board to the slope...this is usually a beginners problem.

But seriously, OP could have just explained to them separately that she crashed into him. OP could have fought for his money too, it's no joke.

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Yeah, cameras mounted to trees near ski slopes on the side of a mountain. What the ****?

Are you joking? Have you ever skied some place that isn't a over rated hill? Any larger resort this would be massively impractical.

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That sucks! Little girls can be devils.

Megan... Sorry if you guys don't get the reference it's from a TV show called Drake and Josh

Yeah people always believe everything children say, can be annoying for sure at times.

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Well, girls can be cruel ! Nah, it was most likely she was confused and must have thought you had seen her. Try and get your money back by talking to a manager :)

When bitches be out to get you, they ain't confused; they just crafty muthafuckas.

Kids are such evil brats. I hope someone hurts her really bad on purpose and there will be no one to help her then. Maybe even be killed. One less brat to worry about on an already overpopulated planet. And here come the thumb-downs...

Your name is definitely lying when it says "sane" cat lady because honestly... What the ****?

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Wow a child made a mistake , lets all wish her bodily harm ? I really hope you're not a babysitter or something, sheesh

Oh that's cold. That little girl is pretty devious though. Sorry OP :(

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That's pretty much on every hill

Wow, that sucks OP. Sensitive little girl. Hope you had a good time anyways.

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For 10 Minutes... that's 1 run. That is not fun :D

Sensitive little girl? No no. Bitchy little girl. There was no need to say that even though she was hurt.

Please tell me you at least broke one of her bones, the snot nosed little brat.