By slickboy0023 - 16/03/2010 15:30 - United States

Today, I learned that in Japan there are monkeys that wait tables and work at a tavern. Literally, I have a job a monkey can do. FML
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"They took our jobs!"

I want to be waited on by a monkey!!


Ecnassianer 0

Haha. That's just funny!

Monkeys can also be prostitutes, astronauts, assistants, entertaners, etc. Don't feel bad. 

your mom is a monkey

Averizzle 0

God at least you have a job. Shut the hell up and get back to work..

monkeys are coool

stop whining, and take my order!

#6 ur little monkeys at the bottom of ur comment just won

MrTeabag420 0

r u black OP?

Punderous 0

gaaay you read this on a article

I would have driven you for bananas. lol (Family Guy)

go apply somewhere else then

That's awesome but my coffees not going to refill itself. Keep this up and it's no tip for you.

prostitutes!?!?!?! WTF! and op..seriously who ******* cares?


Ajjas013 6

There's only one type of question, and it ends with a question mark. Are you black! BAM, right there. That's the only type of question you'll ever see around these parts. Unless someone is lying to me...

haha, #45 you beat me to it

@6 Well, how much for the monkey prostitute? ( Just kidding )

#6, how do you do that?

86- lol fail, there's only one question and it ends in a question mark, and then you have it end with an exclamation mark

Ajjas013 6

I did that on purpose. Did I win :D?

no. and those returns you put in your posts don't make you cool =/

You pay them with food, usually. I saw it on Manswers.

101- they ain't going to take dollar bills (or yen, w/e) kinda expected that

Ajjas013 6


calm down... breath slowly... count to ten... then go **** yourself -.-

KurouTenshi 0

@109 Sounds like someone needs a hug Or a swift kick in the ass... Or both! :D *Hugs Ajjas* ^^

Brittanysway420 0

I couldn't agree more #81

110- he already took my advice, he's starting to try and **** his nose with his tongue in his pic 0_0

Ajjas013 6

*Gets up calmly* *Calmly walks to behind the couch* *Pulls out vacuum calmly* *Calmly switches to reverse* *Plugs in calmly* *Calmly watches pudding violently hose out onto StoryOfTheYear* *Gets seisure from excessive amounts of laughter* Tenshi, you're going on my list. StoryOfTheYear, it seems like you have a lot of experience with that :)

what a comedian, don't really know what would make me sound like I have experience with that, but... whatever floats your boat. btw who has pudding, especially excessive amounts of it, in their vacuum??

KurouTenshi 0

Doesn't everybody? I know i do. There's not enough room in my fridge for the pudding, cause its already full of cheescake and pop-tarts. So I keep my pudding in my vacuum :D

bleedinginside 0


immaturity, do your worst...

KurouTenshi 0

it did its worst whenever you were allowed to make an account on this site--along with about half of the other users here. just saying.

yeah so do millions of other people, get over it.

Ajjas013 6

It did it's worst when I was born. They really should have a pop-tart cheesecake.

127- read my posts on this fml, while posting as much as both you and that other immature kid I have posted two times with any hint of immaturity in it, while all of your posts contain immaturity beyond comprehension, it's not even worth it to argue anymore, you'll soon be hitting me with a dust mop full of jelly or something...

well I like drugs:)

KurouTenshi 0

Or a cheescake poptart? Or oR OR An oreo-pop-tart-cheesecake-cupcake-muffin-cake :D

^^^ I rest my case...

Ajjas013 6

The cheesecake pop-tart crossed my mind. But the mopjelly was a great idea! *Slaps the **** out of Story troll fag guy*

that was a fail

it's a compliment, monkeys are really smart

oh stfu and grow a sense of humor. it's not hard, and I heard the seeds are on sale. ajjas makes me giggle with his comments here. so does kurou.. I think lol. I'm typing this on my phone so I'm doing the names from my piss poor memory. :)

jazziloveberryy 3

#94. You have to get the Emoji app on iPhone or iTouch and download it. Then you can find it in settings for keyboards in the 'japanese' area and it should say Emoji. Click on it and you should have it on your keyboard. 

ajjas is an annoying little boy so... STFU

Ecnassianer 0

I don't think StoryOfTheYear realizes that they're being made fun of, and the fact that they're getting so worked up makes it twice as amusing. Though Ajjas, they had you on the tongue thing, that picture leaves you a target for all kinds of shit. xD

poptart cheesecake FTW!

toaster468 0

SHIT those prostitute monkies are gonna run me outta business

prostitute monkeys!? better start saving up!!!

charlie_schmidt4 0

so easy a caveman can do it

Ajjas needs a new ****** pic. he looks like the biggest douche comedian-poser right now. I swear it's the pic. change it please.

157- sorry, don't really understand, is it me being made fun of or... confused here a lil' anyways it had been me vs. them 2 doshes, fun while it lasted until he got to the part where he um... blew pudding from a vacuum? (not normal)

it is funny. because basically we Americans are no more sophisticated than monkeys.

6, Prostitute monkeys..... How much do they cost? I'm kidding of course but really you have a job so get on with it! 

StoryoftheYear your last comment made m shoot milk out of my nose. 

bugmenotmofo 34

#45 exactly my thought. I was about to respond, "This one is definitely a reader."

ninafea 0

are You black?

hey monkeys can also flick poop.. do u also have that in common?

ehbabeyyyXxx 0

185- bahahah lol


Or infiltrate their ranks and feed them macaroni push-pops and make them listen to Justin Beiber. But only after showing them a picture of typical Golden Corral customer. That ought to kill them. That'll kill them dead.

if that don't kill 'em who knows what would, I wouldn't live through half that

I want to be waited on by a monkey!!

so do a lot of people. you should feel special, monkeys are the shit! xD

haha, cootie eater! LOL

sorry 3, Nancy Pelosi is too busy for that atm

Brittanysway420 0

I think there should be a law against monkeys serving food, uncleanly! And not to mention super gross!

rjhicks59 0

That would be awesome!!

FYLDeep 25

I think being "waited on" means something different to #3.


"They took our jobs!"

hahaha #7! I love south park.

xtwizt3dxlif3x 0

hahaha #7 for the win. "oh my god. they took ma job". "they took yer job!!". hahahahaha. monkeys are ******* amazing. and probably better at waiting tables than OP

they took our jerb!

crymson 0

If you get paid less... then yes.. complain. lol.

You were reading Cracked! (possibly)

Yes, but do they get paid? There is nothing wrong with being a server, and I doubt the people being waited on by the monkeys get the personal interraction many people enjoy from a human waiter!

Ajjas013 6

Yes, in bananas.

When they don't get tipped do they throw their poo at the customers?

At least you do it better than a monkey can! I hope... ><

you have a job a dog could do. i mean let's face it, EVERYONE can take an order ang bring someone their meal..

I have to agree. I've waited tables; it's not super-complicated. I would definitely prefer a human to a monkey though, but I would much prefer a robot to a human.

c_tuck 0

HA! you would be schocked! It takes a lot of patience to wait tables. It is FAR from easy. Sometimes u luck up and work in a good organization but usually not. I did it starting college and I'd take my patients any day over customers! Although I worked in what I believe to be hell... That could be why.