By Anonymous - 05/01/2010 12:49 - India

Today, while studying in India, I was peacefully journaling, reflecting and enjoying the beautiful landscape. And then a monkey threw its poo at me. FML
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blazingman311 1

I hope you threw your poo back?


blazingman311 1

I hope you threw your poo back?

SUPER MONKEY POOP FIGHT! (Thats actualy an online game)

coolboy6 0

no it could be tru monkeys are good at poo flinging:)

I agree with 84 I'm calling this faaaaaakkkkeee

razorp 0

in a situation like that you absolutly have to throw shit back, otherwise you are the monkeys bitch

allen20 0

Lmao i saw a monkey throwing poo at peiple at a zoo! haha xD

dudeitsdanny 9

I saw a monkey picking at its butt, and then sniffing his finger... Right before he stuck it in its mouth. LA Zoo chimps sure are something.

I saw an orang utan jacking off while gazing at one of my female friends in Adelaide Zoo.

hahah at the la zoo i saw a chimp shit in his hand then eat it, they absolutely sure are something

hahaohwell 0

at the zoo i saw a monkey suck his on ****

Now that you are covered in shit, you smell like everything else in India.

Towelie_31 0
Sungazing 0

hey India is not all stinky, its just the space we give to stinky foreigners that stinks...just to give a silent message you see :p

What is interesting is that this ragpicker guy managed to smell every Indian to post his fact and then this towel came in to wipe his ass and confirm the fact.

Have you ever even BEEN to India? Coz I have and it's not skanky or dirty.

Ragsy, u are so god damn ignorant : You should know better than to post derogatory comments about a particular race,country,ethnicity or whatsoever. Get your facts right.

toaster468 0

stfu indians smell bad, get over it.

81, so ignorant, so stereotypical, like we havent heard that one before. It's 2012, times have changed, I think it's time for you to leave your racism in the past.

You were supposed to add it to your journal. Press it between the pages like a rose.

YayAmerica 0

Monkeys are pretty much known for that. There's no way you didn't realize it was a risk if you've been studying there for very long. Still sucks, though.