By foojew93 - United States
Today, I was walking at a section of the zoo where you are in the cage, and the monkeys are climbing outside of the cage. I was having a great time until I looked up and one of the monkeys urinated all over my face. Not only did everyone see, but there was no way for me to shower for six hours. FML
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  anniebananie  |  3

Were they ever true FMLs? No. That's not what this site is about. This FML is EXACTLY what the site wants. If you'd notice, the title of the home page is "FML: Your everyday life stories". There you go. Nobody wants to hear something like, "Today, I found out I have advanced stage cancer. I have four months to live. FML." This site is not supposed to be depressing, but the opposite.

  djb23  |  0

god damn, people like you piss me off. people come to this site to share their uncomfortable/awkward moments and maybe get a laugh or two. do their lives really need to reach a certain level of misery to satisfy you? if you want to hear about some real human misery, why don't you just go to and click on 'World News'

  CL41RE  |  0

Then really it shouldn't be called fmylife more like fmyday, don't you think? I'm not expecting to hear depressing things, but it shouldn't be called fmylife.