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By annonoymus - 16/03/2010 16:00 - Australia

Today, I was having an in depth discussion with my girlfriend's father about how corrupt journalists are and how our town's paper is the worst paper on the planet. After insulting basically everything about the newspaper, I asked him what he did for a living. He's the editor of the newspaper. FML
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crymson 0

Think about it this way... your giving him an indepth look at how a reader views it. =) Id take it as constructive critisizm..

Why bring up or express such charged opinions during your first time meeting your gf's dad? There is no need to get into that kind of discussion the first time you meet.


thikimo 0

awkward ):

that sucks.. well, at least you've broken the ice?

aww. that sucks /: maybe the daddy hates his job so it's no big deal? let's hope so!(:

lol @12 some things are better left unanswered

Constructive criticism never hurt anyone. Tell him to man up and [you] go fuck his daughter.

YDI for trying to make conversation. Also for not knowing what he did before you met him.

LTMcleod 0

conversation means you were both participating in the discussion. so, next time, don't run your mouth to an older man, espically when you don't know what your talking about.

cbc4me 0

#5 is gorgeous :)

mshafty 0

Hold on now Perdix, Everyone knows Sam Walton is Satan! Murdock is more like a Beelzebub, just one of Satan's Lackeys, but still evil and a giant asshole. I agree though, The OP needs to runaway from that soulless journalist!

perdix 29

Wait a minute. Sam Walton is merely Lucifer. Dick Cheney is Satan. Sarah Palin is the Succubus.

yea because that has so much to do with this fml

livluvlaff8 0

if there's anything I learned from FML, it has to be that u should not start a convo insulting someone/something without knowing the person completly

iSitt 0

"the name, is Doom-ahs" - my fav commercial

pinkorchid88 0

you should have asked what he did for a living before you made ur comments ... on the bright side he probably thinks your honest

Sounds like you're both on the *ba dump dump*

ice sounds like the only thing hel'll be breaking after that conversation #2

tehehe nice move lol niice move just hope he dosent post about how youve been having sex with monkeys in his newspapers lol

^^^^^ gay men say tehehe...

^^^^^ irony, I have the same phrase in my post :|

Fyl because he should have told you.

78euge781995 0

That must have been awkward. Let the gay babies be born!

ydi for even caring enough to talk about it :)

squidthevicar 0

hopefully he likes that you have strong opinions.

Peacemaker9 7

lol oooooo busted!!!!!!! or he just kicked u out after beating the shit out of u!!!!

well obviously he has the same opinion unless he was disagreeing, unless u are one of those idiots who ramble on about something and no one is paying attention and u call it a conversation...

ya definetly awkward!!!

maybe when talking to someone you know nothing about you should actually let them speak.... then you can avoid jackass situations like this

Pandacharm 0

unless Ofc it's a public service . I appauld OP for that, making his gfs dad will become a better editor and go yell at ppl for the mistakes mentioned lol

crymson 0

Think about it this way... your giving him an indepth look at how a reader views it. =) Id take it as constructive critisizm..

Averizzle 0

You are biting a duck why?

Averizzle 0

Poor duck is probably traumatized..

crymson 0

=) I told my bf if he doesnt give me cookies the duck is going to get it. oh yeah on a side note, you have the same bday as me. weird.

Don't mind them, they just don't understand that if your imaginary boyfriend doesn't give you cookies, you'll bite a duck. :o?

zac12345 0

total hotness, biting a duck

BondTrader 0

yes, why the duck biting

crymson 0

I wish he was imaginary.. would make living with him easier.

toxic10uhc 0

constructive criticism- don't eat duckies you meany lul

Rubber ducks taste sweet, don't they?

stupid bitch biting duck WTF?!

ouf... sometimes, you just have to think and shut up...

I know. One time, I had tooth surgery and the pain killers made me feel kina out of it, when my roommate asked if I liked Micheal Moore. I said yes, not thinking, and fell asleep on the couch. The next morning I went to check my Email, and when I saw the screen I screed and chucked my laptop out if my window. He had made my screensaver Micheal Moore completely naked and spreading his cheeks to the camera. I doubt I will ever fully recover.

ahahahahahhahaha. ^^^

TahoeFMler 22

Bullshit. if she's your girlfriend, and is having you talk to (not meet) your dad. then you knew at least a general idea of what he did.

geordieboysgirl 0

Absolutely is BS. If you have known her long enough to call her your girlfriend, you would know what her father did or at very least that he worked for the paper.

I went out with a girl for 3 years and I never had any idea what her parents did for a living. *shrug*

why did you have to argue with him so intensly? i mean, if you don't know what his job is, then you probably don't know him very well. and considering he decides if you get to date his daughter or not, you shouln't piss him off. YDI, and good luck with kissing the guy's ass x)

namhowell 6

LOL at least you will have a brutally honest relationship with her father!

@9 Probably more brutal than honest. LOL

No worries, I'm sure in his position he has heard it before and has a fairly thick skin about it. Roshambo him once for me will ya?

Ecnassianer 0

YDI for blabbering.

angelkissezxox 3

thats what she said ahaha

JamesM9794 0

dude, that sounds like it's straight out of a joke book.