By tooflufoschool - United States
Today, I was in bed sick from pneumonia. I asked my boyfriend to nuke a can of soup for me. He said "in a sec, let me finish this game" and continued to play on his Xbox for an hour. Starving, I crawled out to make soup. When I sat down to eat, he paused the game and asked "you didn't make me any?" FML
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  ManUpFucker  |  0

Yea, I agree, one your girlfriend who you should love and want to feel better asks you to do one thing for her and you can't put your game on pause. Also, why would boyfriend of Op and your grandfather want either of you near food, you're sick, thus they would get sick. Stupid.

  harmony88  |  0

I'm sick, too, and had a Dr.'s appointment this morning. I asked my boyfriend if he would come with me to make sure I got there safely and he told me, "Make me a roast beef sandwich." I called him a bastard and walked to the clinic on my own.


Dude, my boyfriend works on computers for a living and then goes home and works on his own computers and electronics, but when I'm sick he can take a MINUTE out of his time to open a can of soup.

  shutterbug1190  |  14

Not all guys are like that. My boyfriend plays video games ALL the time and I have no problem with it. He stops playing to talk to me, spend time with me and if I'm really sick he'll gladly pause or even turn the game off to take care of me for as long as it takes. Don't make assumptions, it's not fair to the decent people out there.